Should Dexter's Final Adversary Have Been Another Lithgow-Caliber Actor?

This season, I have been holding out for a surprise adversary that can follow-up John Lithgow's run on the show. As that is considered one of the best showdowns in television history, it would seem that the writers could find the right talent to do another similarly intensely-compelling showdown. Alas: while there have been plenty of fantastic guests, none of them hold a candle to Lithgow.

If not for an entire season, an episode featuring an A-list actor vs Dexter in as "cat-and-mouse" a game as Trinity forced him into would have been a satisfying conclusion to the aspect that the show has received the majority of its praise from. Personally, a guest arc with fellow cable star James Gandolfini (R.I.P.) would have been perfect an perhaps an even more anticipated episode than the finale. While that may be wishful thinking, I do have to wonder whether the crew was in talks with Lithgow-caliber talent at any point during production.

Although Olive Saxon is portrayed with a fine performance by up-and-comer Darri Ingolfsson, the opportunity to amaze does seem to be squandered a bit in this regard.

 Note: frankly, I was planning on doing this poll earlier in the season but now I am interested to know how many other fans feel the same now that the A-list potential has been missed.

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