Latest From EW - Dexter Season 8 Scoop

Latest from Entertainment Weekly's spoiler room. EW met Michael C. Hall in PaleyFest's Dexter event. Skip the jump to see was he said about the upcoming episodes and the end of the series.

"Michael C. Hall is a much better serial killer than he is a episode teaser. (His tease of choice when we caught up with him on the red carpet? “The majority of the action takes place in a town called Miami, Fla. Someone might die. And Dexter will talk to us in voice-over at some point.” Thanks, dude.) But however it ends, he sees it as a proper ending. “I think there’ll be a lot of responses, but the series ends in a way that reflects the story we’ve always been telling and that I think will both be bold and dramatically satisfying for people,” he says, “but also invite a certain degree of speculation.”
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