Dexter Author Jeff Lindsay Answers Fan Questions on Reddit

Author and creator of Dexter, Jeff Lindsay answered fan questions on Reddit. He shared his opinion about the TV version of Dexter, the series finale and more:

Did you approve Showtime’s finale of Dexter?

Are you happy with the shows take on your character? Storylines and character changes?
Sometimes I like what they do, sometimes I don’t. Wha ya gonna do? It’s TV. Very different beast, lots of different writers and show runners.

What is your favorite thing about the Dexter TV show and what is the one thing that hasn’t worked? I love the show and your books, you’re an awesome writer, but I feel like the show missed out on some great stuff by not following your story to some extent. 
Michael Hall is great. For the show itself, they never got the sense of humor that’s so important in the books — it’s one big thing that makes them different.

Why and where did you come up with the idea for Dexter?
Watching a group of businessmen eat lunch. It occurred to me that serial murder wasn’t always a bad thing…

You worked as a Consultant on the 1st Season of Dexter. I’m curious as to why you did not continue consulting for the show. 
a) Didn’t want to b) Neither did they c) I cost too much — without me, they could hire TWO caterers!

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Do you feel like TV show Dexter lives up to the book’s Dexter? Michael C. Hall doing it the way you envisioned? Anything that bothers you on the TV show plot?
Michael Hall is terrific. I personally don’t take any TV show over a book — except maybe NFL….

Did you approve of the show taking your series in such a different direction? Personally I loved your books and the TV show seemed very….lacking in comparison.
Approve, disapprove…. Feh. It’s not up to me. I left Hollywood a long time ago and don't wanna get yanked back in.

Was there a particular person you pictured in your head when you wrote Dexter? As far as looks and personality goes?
Of course! Like everybody else in the world, I pictured Johnny Depp! (of course, that was Pre- Tonto)

Did Marvel Comics give you any restrictions on the Dexter comic book series, or were you free to do anything and everything you wanted?
I LOVE working with Marvel — as much as I loved reading them! (and still do, but that’s a secret). No restrictions, total support, really good, smart, fun people. BTW — we’ve just agreed to do a Second series with Marvel. No dates on that yet.

Mr. Lindsay, I love the books, they’re a beacon of hope after the darkness of the finale. But what exactly was up with the Dexter in the Dark? It’s so radically different than the others. Would you be willing to give us a true finale in your books someday? Please? The TV series ending was just…unfair, to be honest.
“Unfair” is nicest word I’ve heard about finale so far… IN DARK was an experiment. I moved on.

How much of a role did you have in the development in the show? Also, what did you think of the casting choices; did they live up to the characters you envisioned?
I was “consulted.” On the whole, i approve of the casting.

Seeing as the shows are so different compared to your novels, is there a character that you think was better suited to the television series? Or any character that you were disappointed in how the show used them? 
Characters just Different on TV… I was very disappointed that my character (season 3, episode 10) didn’t get a spin-off ….

Did the possibility that Dexter’s character would ‘inspire’ a real-life “serial-killer-killer” cross your mind? If yes, did it affect your writing? PS: Great fan of the series! Book and TV alike. Can’t wait to read Final Cut when it arrives on the local book stores.
Serial killers can’t be “inspired.” They are born that way. They may choose a method of expression, but they either got it or don’t. How many people saw or read Harry Potter? How many of them got magical powers?

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