Yvonne Strahovski Dishes on Hannah's Return: "She Has Her Reasons Obviously For Coming Back"

Yvonne Strahovski returned to Dexter last Sunday. She talked to today.com about what to expect from her in the next episodes. Minor spoilers: "Femme fatale Hannah McKay made her much-heralded return to Dexter at the end of Sunday's episode — but the Morgans didn't exactly throw her a welcome-home party. Instead, Deb became a second-time victim of the serial poisoner, passing out alongside her brother after Hannah spiked their coffee.

"She has her reasons obviously for coming back and poisoning the two of them," Strahovski told TODAY.com about her dramatic entrance. "She definitely has a very strong motivation in order to have the balls to come back to Dexter's life like that, considering (how) we left off season seven." Read more after the jump.

Deb and Dex are both very much alive in next week's episode, so clearly Hannah didn't deliver a lethal dose.

"I don't think she intended to kill them," the blonde beauty explained. "It's more about Hannah's gotten herself in a sticky situation, and hopeful that she can have Dexter aid her. ... Hannah has the ability to do it forcefully, as opposed to nicely — depending on how Dexter reacts to her and she reacts to him."

"There's definitely a strong motivation as well as some really complex feelings that are pretty high stakes at the moment," Strahovski teased about Hannah's reconnection with Miami's most prolific serial killer.

Hannah and Dexter's "very complicated past ... definitely adds to why the stakes are so high," she said. "It's so mixed given the circumstances where they left off."

And although Strahovski believes that Hannah is still in love with Dexter, "it's probably not such a clear-cut answer in her mind at this point in the story."

"It's extremely passionate and surprising," she revealed about their reunion. "There's an element of danger there as well because they are both capable of killing, so it adds a very sexy, dangerous, mysterious layer to the relationship that is already very highly potent with chemistry between them."

While we'd like to see Hannah hang around until the series finale (and even star in the rumored spinoff), Strahovski hinted at a darker fate.

"Who knows who's gonna make it out alive?" she said. "It's the final season!" 

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