Sean Patrick Flanery Dishes on Dexter Season 8, Jacob Elway and More

New Dexter guest Sean Patrick Flanery aka Jacob Elway, talks about his role in  the final season of Dexter and more, for MovieVine:

Let's discuss your latest role on Dexter, as Jacob Elway in the final season. What kind of man is Jacob?
He's a driven guy. Very success oriented. Maybe skirts outside of the protocol the whole time. A little rough around the edges, but he gets stuff done.

Do you feel that when creating a character like Jacob his backstory is as important as a dialogue so that the audience can get a sense of where he's coming from?
Well, without turning it into a thirty page answer it really depends on what you mean by back story. I mean we're all a product of our past, and the past is a catalyst of what we become in the future, so in that respect yes. But as far as having a specific backstory, it's pretty difficult when you do a show like this, because there are a lot of unknowns. So it does help in your own brain to kind of put together who this person is and what kind of experiences he might or might now have had in the past. It obviously then creates who he will be in the present and the future. But, sometimes you don't have access to that, and you gotta make do. Read the whole interview here.
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