Post Mortem: Dexter Season 8 Episode 4 "Scar Tissue" [Open Thread]

Hoooly crap! The fourth episode of the eighth and final season aired on Sunday night. The jaw dropping episode is called "Scar Tissue" and it's written by Tim Schlattman. Skip the jump to read our thoughts on the episode, vote and discuss, (in case you didn't).

So... Scar Tissue:

+The episode begins with Deb's latest... dream. We go back to the Season 7 finale and we see her killing Dex instead of LaGuerta.

+Then we see Deb and Vogel inside the shipping container having a conversation about Dexter. Another Emmy worthy performance from Jennifer Carpenter....

+Dex meets Vogel. She tells him that things are pretty difficult for him and Deb. Dexter is upset.

+A.J. Yates is another potential victim for our favorite serial killer. He was one of Vogel's patients.

+Deb is now living at Vogel's house. Their interaction looks really awesome in that episode. Vogel shows her a video of Harry (talking about Dexter) from the past.

+We see Dexter breaking and entering a Yates' house. He finds some women's shoes and he looks for fingerprints while he's talking with Vogel on  the phone.

+Dex meets his new neighbor in his house. Her name is Cassie. She's nice according to Harrison!

+Bar fight #234! Quinn defends Deb's honor at Papa's. Jamie is dissapointed.

+Vogel and Deb are back to the shipping container where she killed LaGuerta. Such a powerful scene. Rampling is an amazing actress.

+Masuka has a daughter. Great casting, plus they have the same laugh! Hilarious moment.

+Elway and Deb are having a conversation at his office about their family issues.

+Dexter enters at Yakes house again. He finds some notes about him at Vogel's computer, he thinks that she considers him a 'lab rat' after reading her 'journal', and gets mad at her.

+Deb watches some more DVD's of Harry and Vogel from the past. The one that traumatizes her is Harry's reaction to Dexter's first kill. The reason he killed himself.

+The next day, Deb meets Quinn at Miami Metro. She tells him that he means so much to her. Apparently Deb has made her decision...

+Dexter looks surprised when he meets Deb at Miami Metro. What an amazing moment. Love it when they use soundtracks from the first seasons.

+They both go for a ride. Deb tells him about the DVD's, asks if Harry killed himself. Then...

+...Deb grabs the steering wheel and drives them into a lake!!!

+A fisherman drags Deb out of the lake, Dex is still in the car and she decides to save him. Apparently she understands that she can't live without him.

Grade: 9,1/10

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