Post Mortem: Dexter Season 8 Episode 2 "Every Silver Lining..." [Open Thread]

"You're perfect". The second episode of the eighth and final season aired on Sunday night. The episode is called "Every Silver Lining..." and focuses on Dr. Vogel. Great chemistry and interaction between Vogel and Dexter, don't you think? Skip the jump to read our thoughts on the episode, vote and discuss it, (in case you didn't).

So, "Every Silver Lining...". Directed by Michael C. Hall. Read below a few things we loved about the episode.

+Vogel shows Dexter a video of his father Harry from the 80s. Dexter was 10 years old then and Harry was very desperate. Awesome way to open an episode.

+Great interaction between Dexter and Vogel.

+Another victim from "The Brain Surgeon". Quinn devised the name of Miami's latest serial killer.

+Deb is breaking and entering at Briggs house. Loved the conversation between Elway and Deb in that scene. Jacob Elway is such a nice guy.

+"Two great minds at work here." Glad to see more Masuka this season. And there will be more of him... ;)

+El Sapo attacks to Deb and takes the jewelry. Badass moment the fight between them. Poor Deb.
"Yeah I'm fucking nuts" -Deb

+Batista tells Quinn that he actually knows about him and Jamie. And he's okay with it.

+Another crimescene in that episode. This time... El Sapo! And guess who killed him... Deb!

+Dexter visits Deb at her apartment. Deb is a mess, and she still hates him.

+The same night Dex finds out that Sussman, the 'Brain Surgeon' suspect killed himself.

+Dex denies to talk with Vogel about Deb.

+Jealous Jamie and Batista are having an argument in their house. Such a great scene. Loved Jamie's accent.

+Deb visits Miami Metro after a long time, for a reason. Matthews look dissapointed about her decision to leave. Masuka and Batista are really glad to see her.

+Dex talks with Deb about El Sapo's murder. She convices him to switch out her gun from the evidence room.
"Do you really wanna play the What If game?"

+Vogel calls Dexter. She thinks that someone is inside her house. Someone left her a DVD which indicates that Sussman is not the Brain Surgeon. Vogel looks surprised...

+Dex says he can't even do kills anymore and that he destroyed Deb. Vogel hugs and encourages him by saying that he's perfect.

-Where's Harrison?
Grade: 9,1/10

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