Latest From TVLine - Scoop About Dexter Spin-off and Kenny Johnson's Role In Season 8

Latest from TVLine's Ask Ausiello spoiler column. Skip the jump to read scoop about the potential Dexter spin-off and take a look at what the new Season 8 guest star Kenny Johnson has to say about his role in the upcoming episodes. Minor spoilers.

The Dexter spin-off is not happening at the moment. “We are so focused on finishing the series up before we overstay our welcome that spin-offs are the very last thing on anybody’s mind,” exec producer Sara Colleton tells TVLine. “We just want to use every bit of emotional and physical energy [on the final season].”

The Shield‘s Kenny Johnson makes his debut as formidable U.S. Marshall Cooper in episode 8. “I can’t really tell anything because it will tip stuff that starts happening,” Colleton says of his character, who is hired by Sean Patrick Flanery’s P.I. Jacob Elway to hunt down an infamous criminal. “We were so thrilled that we were ever able to get an actor of his caliber for this three or four-episode arc. He’s fabulous, and it’s a wonderful [role].”

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