Michael C. Hall Discusses His Role As a Producer on Dexter: "I Like That It Is a Broader Focus"

via: Variery: Michael C. Hall, Bryan Cranston, Jon Hamm, Kevin Spacey and Timothy Olyphant represent just a few of the actors who also receive producer credit on the shows they are on. It’s a title often bestowed upon actors who put in a number of years on their show and signifies a pay raise. But once they do have the title, how much is really expected of the men who front their shows behind the scenes, and what do they receive in return?

Being made producer on Dexter in the third season was a small practical change for Hall, who was already heavily involved in the creative process.

“I think it was a formal recognition of a contribution I was already making,” he says. “Dexter is a unique show in that the story is told subjectively, so I think my input in terms of where I imagine the character is and where I imagine him going has always been welcomed by other producers. I’m glad that I’m welcomed to have that sort of broader contribution in terms of the overall story and where things are headed.”

Hall finds that as producer on the show, one of his roles is to serve as a liaison between the cast and the producers whenever they express concern. What he has received in return is a greater sense of what it takes to put together a show.

“I like that it is a broader focus,” he says of his role as co-exec producer. “I also directed this season, and it’s nice to be in a position where you’re required to give people definitive answers so that they can all do their jobs. I felt much more required to be available to people in ways that I’m not when I’m just acting. I don’t know exactly what the future holds, but this job has certainly given me a chance to wet my feet in some different areas beyond just playing a part.”

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