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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Rewatching Dexter - 4.04 "Dex Takes a Holiday", 4.05 "Dirty Harry", 4.06 "If I Had a Hammer"

Rewatching Dexter by DexterDaily. A look back at the past seasons of 'Dexter' and our favorite serial killer's victims. Today, we're going to remember the episodes: 4.04 "Dex Takes a Holiday", 4.05 "Dirty Harry", 4.06 "If I Had a Hammer". Hit the 'read more' button for more!

Rita takes the kids out of town for the weekend, leaving Dexter time for some much needed R&R. And for him, that means stalking a new victim. He sets his sights on a woman accused of murdering her family — a fellow cop, no less. The more Dexter learns about this woman, the more he begins to question his own judgment. Can Dexter handle the pressures of family, or is he headed down a similar dark path? Meanwhile, LaGuerta and Batista argue over department protocol, which threatens their professional relationship. And Debra aids Lundy in his quest to find the Trinity Killer, neither of them realizing just how close Trinity is to achieving his goals.

Dexter's victim: Zoey Kruger. Policewoman who shot and killed her husband and daughter. Stabbed in the chest.

4.04 "Dex Takes a Holiday":
Original Air Date: October 18th, 2009.
Written By: Melissa Rosenberg and Wendy West
Directed By: John Dahl

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Recent events spur Dexter into his own investigation of the Trinity killer. His motivations are now personal, and the clock is ticking. But the closer Dexter gets, the more he realizes that Trinity is unlike any monster he's previously encountered. Meanwhile, Debra blames herself for events that were out of her control, and in so doing pushes away those closest to her. As LaGuerta and Batista close in on the Vacation Murderers, Batista realizes he can use Quinn's relationship with a certain reporter to his advantage. And when Rita discovers a secret Dexter's been keeping from her, she begins to realize just how little she knows about the man she married.

Dexter's victim: None

4.05 "Dirty Harry": Original Air Date: October 25th, 2009.
Written By: Tim Schlattmann
Directed By: Keith Gordon

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Dexter knows it's only a matter of time before Miami Metro discovers the Trinity Killer's latest handiwork. Therefore, he has to work doubly hard to stay one step ahead of their investigation. Dexter has begun to realize that the closer he gets to Trinity, the more he stands to learn from this very different beast. Trinity hides behind a well-kept mask, and getting behind that facade will require some extra prodding on Dexter's part. Meanwhile, Debra becomes frustrated when she finds herself shut out from her own case. She considers bending the rules in the name of justice, risking her career in the process. LaGuerta and Batista come to regret a major decision, and realize that by playing by the rules they may have painted themselves into a corner. And when the friction between Rita and Dexter comes to a head, Dexter gleans relationship advice from a most unlikely source.

Dexter's victim: None

4.06 "If I Had a Hammer": Original Air Date: November 1st, 2009
Written By: Lauren Gussis
Directed By: Romeo Tirone

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