Yvonne Strahovski Dishes on Hannah's Return In Dexter Season 8 [Twitterview]

Yvonne Strahovski's return in the upcoming eighth and possibly final season, is officially confirmed. Skip the jump to read a fresh twitterview (#YvonneDexter) by Entertainment Weekly's James Hibbert with Yvonne. She spilled some info about Hannah's return and more...

When did you learn you were coming back to Dexter & what was your reaction?
I have known for what seems like FOREVER and have been busting to tell people :) I was very excited to have been asked back!

Do you want Hannah to be killed or survive the season?
I simply can't decide. Both would options are good. Dramatic death v's living..let's vote ;););)

Can you give us an idea of why your character comes back into Dex's life? Yes..she is coming back to shake things up for Dexter a little...just to add to the turmoil :)

Do you like playing Sarah Walker or Hannah McKay more? Who would win in a fight?
They are both amazing! Hannah would need a head start to make a magic potion coz Sarah Walker got some SKILLS.

What kind of reaction did you get from TV fans after switching to such a darker character?
I think people really liked the change, get to see another side...delve deeper and darker into something juicy.

Does Hannah still love Dexter? Or does she want revenge?
Ah that's the big question isn't it? What are Hannah's true intentions.. we will just have to wait and seeeeeee.

What do you find is the most fun part about playing a serial killer?
Trying to understand it and WHERE they might be coming from, to do what they do. The psychology

Can you tell us more about your film coming out 'I, Frankenstein'?
Fun action packed amazingness with Bill Nighy and Aaron Eckhart. I got to play an English Scientist.

Two final questions: Any skill of Hannah's you would like to have? Would u have any interest in a Hannah spin-off?
I'd like to have Hannah's knowledge of orchids and tropical plants. Can't seem to get an orchid flower out of my plant :( and spin off: who knows, it's all day by day, case by case.

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