WATCH: Dexter Season 8 News by Emily Sofia - Teasers & Returning Characters!

Hey there, ladies 'n gents! I am back with another Dexter season eight news review vlog that recaps ALL the nitty gritty details that have been released about the season so far! Check out my channel, my Dexter vlog playlist, or the vlog below to hear my thoughts about who's coming back to the scene this season, what certain set photos might tell us about upcoming episodes, and much, much more. It's a full half-hour of talk on Dexter, Dexter and nothing but Miami's very own author of life and death! I will also be producing another vlog soon containing my reactions to the first official season eight footage launch that dropped April 12th! So stick around! Thank you so much for watching, and leave all of your thoughts and reactions in the comment section below or on the video itself. Chat with me on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr as well!

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