Aimee Garcia Dishes on Dexter Season 8, a Potential Relationship Between Jamie and Quinn & More caught up with Aimee Garcia after news broke of her re-signing on to Dexter season 8. Read her latest interview, below:

"We reported on Tuesday that Aimee Garcia will return to Dexter as Jamie, the babysitter of Harrison, and Angel Batista’s younger sister. Jamie has shone since her beginning in season 6, and has been trusted by the writers to hold down her own storyline within Dexter, not only as Harrison’s babysitter, but also paving her way in having a relationship with Louis Greene; and now it seems as though Joseph Quinn may be her next acquaintance.

But how did Aimee get her hands on that initial script in season 6? Aimee tells us, “Dexter‘s Casting Director Shawn Dawson called me, and said I would be great for the role of Jamie. I felt honoured that such a great show personally called me in. They sent me the scenes, and I met with the masterminds behind the show – Scott Buck, Sarah Colleton and John Dahl.”

Earlier this week, Jennifer Carpenter confirmed via Twitter than the cast had sat down and had the first read through of season 8. We asked Aimee whether Jamie will see even more storylines come her way and what we’ll see as her character develops throughout season 8. Aimee said, “The great thing about Dexter is that you never know what’s coming. The writers are constantly throwing curve balls, and they keep the actors in the dark…which I like. I have no idea what’s in store for Jamie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she stops being so innocent and starts showing another side.” Read the rest of the interview, after the jump.

“Another side”? Well, isn’t this quite interesting. We know Jamie most as being such a caring character, but she also gave us glimpses that there is another side to her. This has prompted Batista to keep a very careful eye on her, especially when Louis Greene was in the picture. And, in the latter stages of season 7 there were hints of Jamie and Quinn having a bit of a fling after Nadia was written out of the series.

Could there be a potential relationship with Quinn? Aimee comically told us, “I could tell you but I’d have to kill you!” But, thinking about it, the real question is how would Batista deal with his partner in Quinn dating his younger sister? He was disapproving of Louis, but surely not Quinn?

Aimee laughed, saying, “Haha! Batista is super protective of Jamie. He’s her older brother and like any older brother he wants what’s best for his little sis. But…I have no idea how Batista would take Jamie and Quinn dating…if that even happens. They really do keep us in the dark on this show. We haven’t started shooting this season yet, so as far as I know, the writers could be introducing a new love interest for Jamie or just keep her a single girl.”

One of the major events from season 7 regarding Jamie was the death of Louis Greene. However, the news never really filtered through to the characters you’d most expect, especially Jamie, after Isaak Sirko had taken Louis’ life. How would Jamie react if she realised that Dexter had something to do with his death?

Aimee commented, “I don’t think she would ever believe it, because she really does have love goggles for Dexter. Like we all know…when it comes to people we care about, we see what we want to see. But if she was to find out, I think she would be confused, hurt and completely shocked. It would take a lot for Jamie to believe Dexter has a mean bone in his body.”

The majority of Aimee’s scenes have revolved around working very closely over the past two seasons with Luke Andrew Kruntchev, who plays the role of Harrison. He’s by far one of the cutest child actors on television right now, and it seems as though Aimee has really enjoyed working alongside Luke. “It’s been great. I’ve become an expert on Annoying Orange, Yo Gabba Gabba and Elmo.” Oh, so very typical for a boy of his age.

But, crucially, could Jamie’s role in Dexter be threatened now that Hannah McKay is cementing her place firmly in Dexter’s life? Hannah has swiftly arrived and fallen in love with Dexter, but could she permanently become a motherly role for Harrison? Would Jamie feel pushed out and consequently lose her relationship with Harrison?

Aimee told us, “I think Jamie is non-judgmental. She tends to like people more than dislike them. She had a great Christmas dinner with Hannah and she can see that Hannah really cares for Dexter. More importantly, Jamie sees that Dexter is happy when he’s around Hannah, and that’s a win…Jamie adores Dexter, and thinks he’s the best boss ever so she wants to see him happy.”

Now that Aimee is playing Jamie Batista for the third season running, we wanted to know if there was anything Aimee would change about Jamie. After all, we suspect this may be Aimee’s biggest season of Dexter now that this potential onscreen relationship with Desmond Harrington (Quinn) may be on the cards. Aimee has spent most of the time babysitting Harrison, but as aforementioned, she does have a wilder side. Is there anything Aimee would like to see change in Jamie?

Aimee pondered, “I don’t think I would change anything. I was going to say her naivety, but I love that she’s young, open, and willing to trust. She’s completely uninhibited. I was also going to say her nearly-naked wardrobe, but then how boring would that be?”

I don’t think many of us would complain about that!

It seems as though Aimee Garcia has really settled into Dexter, despite joining fairly late on in season 6. Aimee has been well received by her peers and critics, and it’s great to know she sees them an awful lot in the off-season shooting. “[They're] fantastic! I go to dinner with David [Zayas] when I’m in NYC, hit golf balls with CS [Lee], and really feel like part of the family. Michael C. Hall is a consummate professional and raises everyone’s game. He sets such a positive tone on set and really has the respect of the crew and actors. And…don’t be fooled, he’s not always serious. He has an incredible sense of humor, amazing dance moves, and even sings!”"

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