Michael C. Hall Teases the Upcoming Episode: "Dex Will Have to Choose Between Deb and Hannah"

Via: TVGuide.com by Natalie Abrams: Surely through his years as a vigilante killer, Dexter probably never considered facing this conundrum: Dexter's titular serial killer will have to choose between his sister and the woman who could possibly be the love of his life.

Following Deb's confrontation in which she threatened to expose Hannah  for being a murderer, Hannah will attempt to prevent that in this Sunday's episode (9/8c, Showtime). This will force Dexter to investigate whether his new girlfriend is trying to off his sister, and may eventually lead to him choosing a side.

"I do think he's going to have to," Michael C. Hall tells TVGuide.com. "He'll be forced to make a choice because of the opposing forces of Hannah and Deb. He's going to be backed into a corner. We have to see him work his way out of it."

But Dexter will also have bigger fish to fry this week. LaGuerta and Matthews will continue their investigation into whether Dexter could be the famed Bay Harbor Butcher, which will send Dexter on a mission to throw them off his trail. "At the beginning of [Sunday's] episode, Matthews sits down with Dexter to let him in on this investigation and probably gauge his response," Hall says. "The show is always particularly compelling when Dexter's in trouble and he's really in trouble on every front this season. We like watching him think on his feet and improvise and manipulate situations to his advantage. That'll be no different when it comes to negotiating his way through the minefield that is Matthews and LaGuerta's investigation." Read the whole article, after the jump...

Their investigation may conflict with Dexter's need to finally kill the man responsible for his mother's death. But even if Dexter does get that chance, will he be content to finally truly hang up his knives for good afterwards? "Dexter, I think, has that fantasy," Hall says. "He flashes forward and imagines his life with Hannah. I don't know if he ever thinks that that won't be a part of his life. Dexter fantasized that Trinity would be his last kill. Of course, it didn't work out that way. But I do think that Dexter imagines that killing the last surviving member of the crew who did his mother in will close some sort of door.

"If he does continue to kill after that, it will be about who he's discovered himself to be, not about fighting old demons, if that's a distinction that you can make. As you can imagine, it probably won't work out the way he plans it."

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