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Question: I am so much into this season of Dexter! Not since the season with John Lithgow have I appreciated every episode. With all of Dexter's past killings catching up to him with Maria's investigation, along with his relationship with Hannah and obviously Debra, all of these conflicts surrounding him makes me wonder what the final episodes will bring! I remember reading a while back before this season started that the producers mentioned that next season will be the last. With Breaking Bad coming to a close next year (my top three favorites including this show and Homeland), please tell me this is not true!! — Mike M

Matt Roush: In this case, I'd be happy to see good old/bad old Dex quit while he's ahead. This has been a wonderful season for Dexter, especially with all of the psychological drama between Dex and Deb, Dex and Hannah, Hannah and Deb, a strong enough comeback to merit inclusion in my year-end top-10 list, something I wouldn't have dreamed possible a year ago. It's going to be hard to top, and especially with LaGuerta's investigation adding to the sense that Dexter's time of operating in the shadows is nearing its end, I would be at peace if the show holds to its announced plan to construct an end game for next season, making the eighth year the last. That's the scenario for now as far as I know, but there's always a chance because of the warm reception it's been getting lately, they could change their mind and try to milk it a bit longer. But I hope not.

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