Latest From Mega Buzz - Spoilers About Episode 7.11 "Do You See What I See?"

Latest from's Mega Buzz spoiler column. Hit the jump, to read some spoilers about the upcoming penultimate episode of Season 7, 7.11 "Do You See What I See?".

Wow, Dexter killed Hannah's father. What won't he do for her on Dexter? 
He probably wouldn't look the other way if she tried to kill one of his family members — and considering that Deb is his only family, it should come as no surprise that Dexter will look askance when she gets into a very suspicious-looking car accident. Will he ever be able to have a future with Hannah now? On the bright side, Dexter will try to put the kibosh on LaGuerta and Matthews' investigation into the Bay Harbor Butcher — but that doesn't mean Maria has really given up.

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