Dexter 'News' Story from The Onion: A Humorous Tease About the Season Finale!

Check out this humorous "news" clip about the Dexter season seven finale (spoiler-free) from The Onion, the notorious news site that puts a tongue-in-cheek spin on stories around the world... and has no problem with making up some of their own. Read the original story - "Coy 'Dexter' Producers Hint At 'Huge Plot Holes' In Season Finale" - here, or enjoy some laughs below! In other news, do you predict that the finale's going to be satisfying? Or do the "coy producers" really have it out for us? 

Coy 'Dexter' Producers Hint At 'Huge Plot Holes' In Season Finale

LOS ANGELES—Promising “jaw-dropping inconsistencies” and “flaws in the story line you never saw coming,” producers of the Showtime series Dexter offered fans a teasing look at the season-seven finale today, hinting to reporters that the Dec. 16 episode will contain multiple plot holes viewers won’t want to miss. “I can’t reveal too much, but fans should prepare to have their patience strained to the extreme as this season reaches its mind-bending and completely unbelievable conclusion,” series creator James Manos dished to the entertainment website TVLine, adding that the jam-packed episode offers fans “shocking narrative gap after shocking narrative gap.” “If you thought the end of season six was blatantly unconvincing, then this time your mind will truly blown. You won’t believe how we destroy the continuity established over this past season and push all the pieces of the puzzle farther apart. At the end of the night, viewers will be saying, ‘How did they do that? And why?’” Manos added that fans will have plenty of time to discuss the finale before the premiere of season eight, when “all their questions will be left unanswered.”

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