Aimee Garcia Interview For Zooey Magazine

Read below, Aimee Garcia's latest interview, for Zooey Magazine:

So first off, we loved you in the “George Lopez” show. What do you think was the biggest career lesson(s) you gained from working on that show? If any at all?
I learned from George that you can never take success for granted and to always work hard. No matter how tired or busy he was, he always took time to connect with his fans and the people he worked with. He taught me to treat the people you work with like family.

You made a big leap from comedy to drama, and you’re now on a beloved show — Dexter. Tell us about how much this show has differed from other projects you’ve worked on! What were your expectations of this new role? And working with an established cast.
“Dexter” has a HUGE fan base, so I knew I was coming into a high-profile show… But, the cast was so welcoming that I was never intimidated. It’s a dream to be on a show that hits that sweet spot of being critically acclaimed, but also being commercially successful. On top of that, the writers tailor the script to an actor’s natural sensibilities – C.S Lee is hysterical, so Masuka is snarky…Jennifer Carpenter has a hug heart, so Deb wears her heart on her sleeve. However, in the finale this year Jamie shows her darker side, so I have no idea where the writers drew that from! Or what the writers have in store for her next season.

What other things do you have coming up in the new year that you can tell us about?
Right now I’m shooting “RoboCop” alongside Gary Oldman and Michael Keaton… so I’m learning a ton and having a blast! Our director Jose Padilha is amazing, so I really am living the dream right now. Read the whole interview, here.

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