ICYMI: Vlog Review of 7.07 "Chemistry" by Dexter Daily's Emily!

Still processing last week's episode of Dexter and clinging onto that cliffhanger ending like your life depends on it? If you need a little further light shed on the situations at hand and are interested in a die-hard fan's assessment of the madness, check out my latest spoiler-filled review on "Chemistry" as part of my weekly Dexter Vlogs series! Click the link here or watch the embedded video below, and feel free to sound off with all of your own personal thoughts, hopes, and fears! "Argentina" airs next Sunday at 9 PM EST - brace yourself for one hell of a ride. Keep up with my channel for coverage on all that's to come. Thanks for watching!

If you have Dexter-related thoughts that you need fire away, hit me up on my Twitter, Facebook, or even Tumblr! In the meantime, get the discussion boiling below! 

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