Post Mortem: Dexter Season 7 Premiere - 7.01 "Are You...?" [Open Thread]

Warning! If you haven't watched the season opener yet, stop reading now! "Yes...". The Dexter Season 7 premiere episode ends with Dex's answer to Deb's shocking question. She knows everything now and it feels like it's the beginning of an extended 24-episode finale. We're here to discuss what happened in the premiere. Hit the jump to read more and share your thoughts and theories about the premiere and vote in our poll! Plus, stay tuned for a recap-review of the premiere by Emily Smith!

Deb: Did you kill all these people?
Dexter: I did.
Deb: Are you … are you the serial killer?
Dexter: Yes.

This is the way the season opener ends. So many great stuff on last night's episode of Dexter. Will Dexter tell  Deb absolutely everything about his dark side? What's the deal with Louis? What will LaGuerta do with the blood slide? 

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