Post Mortem: Dexter Season 7 Episode 4 "Run" [Open Thread]

"Human". F---------ck! What an AWESOME episode!  Hit the jump below to tell us your thoughts about "RUN" (in case you didn't), to see DexterDaily's review in GIF form, and the highlights of episode 7.04 which was written by Wendy West!

Seventh season. Fourth episode. It's getting serious. And really, really good!

-The opening scene of the episode. Deb in the bathtub full of blood. Creepy dream. Just great!

-That dream was the reason for Dexter and Deb to discuss Rita's death. Pretty cool scene. Deb finds out that Trinity is dead! Also, I think that we had to hear Rita's name since season 5.

-Batista and Deb interogating Ray Speltzer. Loved Deb's confidence in that scene.

-'She died because of you'. Deb tries to convice Dexter that Harrison is not safe. Dex confesses that he should have killed Trinity the first time he saw him. Love the season 4 mentions!

-Hannah meets Dexter at Miami Metro. We have the opportunity to learn a lot of things about her past and... Argentina. (That's the title of episode 7.08)

-Another great moment was the reference on Rita's mother, Gale regarding Lammy, a gift of her when Harrison was born.

-Dexter and Ray fighting at the RV. Dex ends up to Ray's 'maze'. Pretty awesome moment, one of the strongest in the series!

-Harrison leaves Miami. They're going for few days to Astor and Cody in Orlando. Do you miss Rita's kids?

-Isaak returns to his (sealed from Miami Metro) apartment. We see him crying when he sees a photo of Victor and him from their holidays in Santorini, Greece. "I will avenge for your death. Everything I do, is for you"

-F-BOMB ALERT! Deb sees Ray Speltzer at Melanie's funeral. Deb for the win!

-Finally Ray ends up on Dexter's table. The moment where he mocks Speltzer before he kills him will be one of the most memorable moments. I bet everybody laughed with Dexter yelling (F**********CK). Unexpected reaction, and this is why we loved it.

-"Goodbye friends". Dexter gets rid of the blood slides! No more trophies. Brilliant.

-No comment...!
Deb: “Did you do this for me?”
Dexter: “No… How do you feel?”
Deb: “Glad. What does that make me?”
Dexter: “Human.”
DexterDaily's review in GIF form:

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