Post Mortem: Dexter Season 7 - Episode 3 "Buck the System" [Open Thread]

"Everything's changed". We are here to discuss last night's fantastic Dexter episode, 7.03 "Buck the System". Twists and surprises are two words that can describe it. Hit the jump below to tell us your thoughts about the episode, to see DexterDaily's review in GIF form, the highlights of "Buck the System" and stay tuned for the full recap/review by Emily Smith, later today!

Wow, this season is getting really good! Check out below some things we loved about last night's  episode.

Read the following only if you've watched episode 7.03 "Buck the System"

-Dexter's bloody fantasies! First victim: Woman in the post office. Second victim: Masuka.

-Isaac and George. They're both great. Great stuff coming from them we can feel it!

-"This is what my life has become?". That's Dexter's reaction to Louis' gesture. Pretty hilarious moment!

-Louis got fired and broke up with Aimee-Jaime. Did you see that coming?

-Dexter knew that Deb follows him. He brought her to a bar to convice her about his next victim.

-Dexter and Isaac's first meet at the "Fox Hole". Loved the conversation!

-Yvonne Strahovski's highly anticipated appearance on Dexter. We loved her and her accent!

-R.I.P. Louis Greene. Will you miss him?

-Quinn and Nadia. They look both great. I used to hate Quinn but, in this season he's nice.

-Matt Gerald and Lauren Mayhew were both great.

-Ray Speltzer wearing his mask looking for Deb. Really dark moment.

-Last but not least one of Dexter's most important moments. Deb accepts understands why Dexter's doing what he's doing!!

DexterDaily's review in GIF form:

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