Things We Learned From the Dexter Season 7 Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peek

"Everything's changed". Showtime has released a new BTS Dexter Season 7 video which lasts four minutes. It contains footage from the upcoming season, most of which were also contained in the official trailer. Hit the jump below to read some things we've learned from network's latest behind-the-scenes video...

Michael C. Hall notes "This show is always at its best, and most potent, when Dexter is in hot water – and the water's really as hot as it's ever been now". He added "Everything from here until the end will be fraught with a fundamental tension now that this cat is out of the bag."And now the water is hottest than ever! He also said that there's a big change in the landscape of the show. "This is the end of Dexter's secret belonging to him. Deb is Dexter's sister and boss and she's not gonna leave the scene. Stress is in all-time high."

"This is the season I'm most excited about," Jennifer Carpenter adds. Executive producer Scott Buck says "It's not just Debra who gets to ask all the questions, it's us who get to hear all the answers."

As for the rest of the video, Deb seems to be dogging Dexter constantly, keeping him from his ritual and making him more and more on edge. We see her calling Dex's babysitter Jamie and asking if Dex works late a lot. Another part of the video which we already saw it from the trailer, but it's noteworthy: we see Dex coming home to find Debra sitting in his living room with his tools, knives and even his trophies (blood slides) out on the table.

Dexter Season 7 is 26 days away! The latest two videos (trailer and BTS sneak peek) revealed so many great stuff from the forthcoming season. And don't forget that we haven't seen anything about Yvonne Strahovski and Ray Stevenson yet!

P.S. take a look at a Season 7 BTS review vlog by DexterDaily's new editor @Emily Smith!

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