Michael C. Hall Discusses Season 7: "Dexter Is Simultaneously Relieved and Horrified"

Via IGN.com by Eric Goldman. Dexter star Michael C. Hall talks about the upcoming season and more.

IGN TV: Obviously, Deb finding out or catching Dexter in the act is something we’ve all been very, very interested to see since the show began. Were you excited, scared or both about finally going there?
Michael C. Hall: I would say both. It’s probably a dichotomous thing for Dexter. He’s simultaneously relieved and horrified -- as I think Deb is. But yeah, I think all roads have been leading to this happening. There’s something about her finding out that really feels like it’s bringing us back to the beginning of the show and everything that’s happened in the meantime. There’s a real richness to the landscape now. Dexter’s always existed as the soul owner of his secret. Now, someone else is in on it, and it’s a completely new dynamic for him to negotiate and a new kind of trouble for him to be in. I think Dexter’s always best when that character’s in trouble -- and he’s in a lot of trouble!

IGN: It’s Deb, so it’s hard to think he’s going to kill her, but he could flee. He could try a lot of things. What goes through his head at this point?
Hall: What’s interesting is that I never thought it would be a good idea to have Dexter get caught and go on trial and have to defend himself to a jury, but in a way we do get to see Dexter defend himself to a single individual - to Deb. I think it’s interesting that he never apologizes for what he’s done and who he is and what he will continue to be and do. It obviously gives Deb some very difficult pills to swallow, but Dexter keeps coming up with the pills, you know? Read the whole interview, after the jump...

IGN: He is good at quick thinking. We’ve seen that before.
Hall: That’s another thing. Watching him have to manage seemingly unmanageable situations is as fun as the show ever is.

IGN: Last year built towards this possibility of something romantic between Dexter and Deb. How does that come into play with all of this insanity?
Hall: Well, I don’t want to say yes or no or talk specifically about how that will play out. As you can imagine, the landscape has changed for her on that front. But I do think what happens at the end of the sixth season -- as far as what she is encouraged to believe and gives over to believing with her therapist about complicated, deep-seeded feelings for her foster brother -- softens her in a way that she otherwise hadn’t been. It prepares her to receive this information that she’s now received. It makes her, if not ready to embrace this huge bombshell… She has maybe that much more of an appetite to try and understand it, to accept it, to try and make room for it. I don’t know how long that can last, but it’s certainly laid some groundwork that wouldn’t have been there otherwise for her.

IGN: That plotline was divisive for fans. What did you think when the writers introduced it?
Hall: Right. You know, I don’t think this show has been the one that’s ever avoided taboos. It’s interesting that people are like, “Serial killing is fun, but don’t have feelings for your foster sibling!” I’m all for divisiveness, frankly.

IGN: Can you talk about Yvonne Strahovski’s character and how she plays into it? How do she and Dexter relate?
Hall: He, along with Batista, goes along to get a DNA sample from her. They’ve reopened the case of trying to find these bodies that were buried by this guy, Wayne Randall, who she was running with when she was a teenager. Upon meeting her, I think Dexter has an immediate sixth sense - and maybe she does about him as well. He’s always been a magnet for complication and chaos, and their relationship is pretty chaotic and complicated. I don’t want to give too many specifics away, but her character and her relationship with Dexter will factor in in a huge way.

IGN: Is it safe to say that you are looking at these next two seasons as the final two? And is it exciting for you to know that this is going to be the end game?
Hall: Yeah, I think now that that horizon line is in sight, there’s a reinvigorated sense among us all. I don’t know, it’s been amazing, but the fact that we’re moving towards a definitive end I think has given us all a little boost.

IGN: Have you had those conversations about what that ending might be yet?
Hall: Only speculative ones. I don’t think anything’s set in stone at this point, but it’s becoming more and more of a real conversation.

IGN: There are some character names from the past that come up in the season premiere. Is that sort of a natural thing now that we are heading towards the end?
Hall: Yes. I think it’s not just the possibility or inevitability of Deb making the discovery she’s made… There are a lot of skeletons in the closet, and her knowing what she knows, there are so many potential things that can bite Dexter in the ass. All those dogs are barking.

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