Latest From IGN - Dexter Season 7 Scoop has for us a list with the new and returning TV Shows of Fall 2012. Hit the jump below to see what they have to say about the season 7 premiere {Spoilers]...

via "After last year's sloppy, sub-par run, we're actually saying something here at IGN that we didn't think we'd be saying so soon: We're pretty damn excited about Season 7 of Dexter. We've seen the premiere episode and it freakin' rocks! We've seen a Dexter fall in love, get married, mourn for his wife and lovingly raise his son, Harrison. But after last season's heart-stopping cliffhanger, we're about to see the Bay Harbor Butcher get back to his dangerous, sociopathic roots in order to try and keep his sister Debra from having her own psychotic break. And speaking of all-things-Butcher, a major story this year will harken back to Season 2 and involve LaGuerta discovering that Doakes might not have been the cop-turned-serial killer that everyone now thinks he was."

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