POLL: Dexter Season 6 & Season 7 Trailers - Which One Is Your Favorite?

It's been four days since the eagerly awaited Season 7 trailer released. Last year in the Dexter Season 6 Trailer which was released during Comic-Con 2011, we were prepared for a religious-themed season. The trailer was 'accompanied' by Marilyn Manson's 2004 hit, "Personal Jesus". This year Showtime finally graced us with a 2-minute massively spoiler-packed season 7 trailer. We saw Deb is struggling with the revelation that her brother is a killer and more amazing stuff. Which one of these trailers is your favorite? Vote below!

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  1. I hope s7 will be better than s6 because s6 is unfortunately the worst of all...

  2. Season 5 :P ... but between those two, I choose season 7!!!

  3. Season 6 had no dialog, but it was good anyways. Season 7 is better though.

  4. Season 7 by a country mile. Why? One, Season Seven benefits off Season 6's end, and two, S6 used Marilyn Manson's Personal Jesus instead of Depeche Mode's.

    Poor taste. Seriously.

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