Latest From Watch With Kristin - Scoop On The Dex-Deb "Romance"

Read after the jump for the latest scoop on Dexter and Deb's relationship according to E!Online's Watch With Kristin...

I can't wait for Dexter to come back! Will Deb tell Dexter about her feelings for him?
Sorry, but they are both going to be a little busy dealing with the whole Deb-walked-in-on-Dexter-making-a-kill thing. Still, that (somewhat controversial) storyline will not be forgotten. "We would never drop something like that…obviously this knowledge that she stumbles upon is going to affect everything and we'll explore every possibly permutation that could be Dexter and Deb's relationship," executive producer Sara Colleton says. "It is going to be dealt with. It is something they'll both have to deal with this year.

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  1. "You know, we kinda gonna deal with it somehow, but not to much..."

    Is this really a spoiler?

    PS: Can't wait for the trailer.

    PPS: First!

    1. When is the trailer, anyway?

      And this is old news. We already knew they were gonna deal with it. :/

  2. Ugggggggh. Who cares about this old crappy news. We want the damn trailer. Showtime stinks

  3. Wow they are being stingy with this trailer. I was really looking forward to seeing it today.

  4. Yeah we all are and instead we get this crap that's old news . I hate you Showtime

  5. Remember when they leaked the Season 4 premiere? That was awesome. They should do it again. Of course, they may be punishing us for all the bitching about seasons 5 and 6 . . .

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