Dexter Season 7 - Set Photos - Episodes 7.06, 7.07

"We had been approached about using our house for some location filming for Showtime’s Dexter a couple times, and last week they were actually here. Honestly, it is amazing to see all that goes into making what probably amounts to a few minutes of film". Check out after the jump a gallery of set photos from Dexter, for episode 7.06 "Do the Wrong Thing" and 7.07 "Chemistry"...

Visit the blog of the guy who took these photos and see all the images, by clicking here.

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    1. Maybe that's Hannah's serial killer ex-boyfriend.

  2. "Lose boas", ROFL! Quoting John McClane from Die Hard, "California." :-)

  3. On the third picture it looks like he is saying "not bad"

  4. Holy crap I would freak out if Michael C. Hall came to my house wanting to use it for set. Hell I would tell them they can do whatever they want to the house (other than demolish it otherwise they can buy me a new one lol) I would give up my ovaries for a chance to meet him! lol

  5. Ugh, I thought the trailer was supposed to be coming out "very soon"?

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