Dexter - Episode 7.08 "Argentina" - Details

Here are some new details about episode 7.08 which will be called "Argentina". The episode begins production on August 12, it's written by Arika Lissanne Mittman (6.08 "Sin of Omission"), and directed by Romeo Tirone. "Argentina" officially airs on Sunday, November 18.
Photo credit: Showtime

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  1. With some of these titles, do you get the impression Dexter is on the run? Buck the System...Run...Swim Deep...Do the Wrong Thing... Argentina...

    1. A while ago there was a spoiler picture showing Dex at an airport.

  2. Arika Lisanne Mittman... who wrote the worst episode of Season 6. That's not reassuring.

  3. @AnonymousAugust 7, 2012 6:38 PM

    They also show Dexter, wearing the same clothes as the picture you're talking about, going into a bathroom with an empty wheelchair and then a night time picture of him moving what seems to be a body.

    On the run? No. At least not until S8 anyway, if ever. How interesting could it be? What would he be doing? Just running? Killing anyone who recognizes him, even innocents? Maybe, he was willing to kill Quinn when he thought it was him who planted the camera. And he DID kill Liddy to save his own ass. He's not as above innocent kills as we might think. Anyway, if he does run, he'll have to try and drop his DP, which won't happen. For now, S7 is going to focus heavily on his manipulation of his relationships, much like he did in S2.

    Ted Bundy thought he could run away to Florida and swear to himself to never kill again, but he only made a week before he was at it again. These activities aren't something they give up easily.

  4. Hopefully he goes to Argentina and kills Cristina Kirchner

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