Yvonne Strahovski Calls Dexter Role as Hannah a 180 From 'Chuck' [Interview]

This story contains major plot points from the upcoming season of Dexter. Read at your own risk. Via: TVGuide.com: Sarah Walker, no more. Yvonne Strahovski, formerly known as Chuck's sexy secret agent, is about to shock and awe audiences this fall when she takes on a killer new role on Showtime's Dexter.

Hannah McKay (Strahovski) will cross paths with Dexter (Michael C. Hall) this season while working on a cold case. Why is Hannah such an expert? As TVGuide.com first reported, she went on a Bonnie-and-Clyde-like killing spree with her boyfriend in her younger years, and turned against him when they got caught. Charming!

"This character is going to be completely different," Strahovski told TVGuide.com following Thursday's Comic-Con panel. "It's a 180 from the Sarah Walker that everyone knows me to be on Chuck. I get to play someone that's darker and in an environment that's darker. The show is obviously very dark. The energy is so different."

The stark contrast between Hannah and Sarah is exactly what attracted Strahovski to this role — that, and the possibility of cursing on TV. "I've never gotten to say the F-bomb on camera, and maybe I'll get to say the F-bomb on an adult show," she said with a laugh. "It's little things like that." Read more after the jump...

Of course, any new female character who joins Dexter will draw comparisons to Lumen (Julia Stiles), but Strahovski stresses that they're two very different characters. "We met Lumen in such a damaged place," she says. "The first time we saw her, she was a victim of the barrel guy. She was in such a fragile spot. When we meet Hannah, it's not like that. It's a different beginning when she meets Dexter because she's coming to help solve an unsolved murder. They need her to help them get some information. She's very much a together person when we first meet her."

While Strahovski was shy to even confirm what executive producer Sara Colleton told us about her character, she did get excited about the possibility of showing flashbacks to Hannah's killer past. "I wonder the same thing actually and I might ask that same question when I find the writers of the show here," she says.

Bottom line: Sarah Walker may have been a killer in her own right, but she's long gone. Bring on Hannah McKay! "It's such an amazing show and to be changing it up like this, I couldn't ask for anything better really," she said.

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  1. now, we're talking.

  2. Sounds interesting (although we already knew).

  3. I'm digging the flashbacks. Hopefully they can make that happen.

  4. Hopefully we will get to see her nude.

    1. Dream on. Tits at the very most.

  5. The question I have is whether she will do it with an American accent. I hope she gets to play the role using her normal voice. I would think her Australian accent would give the character more mystery. Though, I'm not sure it would really matter. Part of me can't wait to hear what Vince Masuka might say about her to Quinn or Dexter. I just know there will be plenty of laughing on his part. You can't do a season of DEXTER without that laugh. I never saw C.S. Lee on it, but by my understanding, he has appeared on Chuck. Unfortunately, I may not "get it" if the writers include a joke between Yvonne and C.S. Lee that references their work on Chuck.

  6. Nicholas:

    C.S. Lee actually played a prominent role on the 1st of Chuck - he was basically Chuck's nemesis and he was pretty funny.

    "Soft Like Pudding" - if you start this clip at :50 you can pretty much get a feel for his Chuck character.


    In any case, he coined the term "Blondie" for Yvonne's character on Chuck, so it would be great if he called on Blondie on Dexter. ;) That's all we'd need.

    Dexter and Chuck are two of my favorite shows of all time, they are... so eerily similar in some cases, and so completely opposite in other cases that it almost seems they are linked by some universal yin yang theory that we cannot see. Ironic, that they came out within a few months of each other as well.

    Chuck the show and Chuck the character are "the same" and the exact and total opposite of Dexter the show and Dexter the character - the premise of genius nerd who has no family or anyone who believes in him except for his sister who loves him unconditionally and almost to obsession. Except in Chuck's case, they are blood, and his sister is older and more of a mother figure. Also Chuck is hyper emotional and is fundamentally incapable of violence - Chuck Bartowski refuses to kill anyone, even when he is pushed to do so. It's really weird to watch the two shows, it's almost as if they were created in the same factor - same premise for the DNA of a character, complete opposite directions. It's as if Chuck is Matter and Dexter is Anti-Matter, and if you brought them together the universe would explode!

    Yvonne being on Dexter is going to be strange, it would be like Leonard Nimoy showing up in a Star Wars movie!


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