Showtime President David Nevins: "The Upcoming Season 'Dexter' Is Completely Revitalized" talked briefly with Showtime President David Nevins about the Emmys, why he thinks the network will have more actors in competition next year, and a "revitalized" upcoming season of "Dexter."

TheWrap: Congratulations. Do the nominations today reflect a particular strategy for Showtime paying off?
Nevins: Thank you. The strategy is simple: to make great television that's provocative and not boring. There's no grand strategy beyond that. ... "Homeland" is a show that's very personal to me. It feels like we've really broken through. It's great to be recognized in all the big categories.

How much do nominations help you?
It's important for these first year shows. We're in 21 percent of the homes in the country. It's hard to get our younger shows noticed. ... We build from here. "Homeland" and "House of Lies" are going to be mainstays for the foreseeable future for this network. And we've got two new shows we're really excited about, "Masters of Sex" and "Ray Donovan." We're about great acting and great writing, and creating roles for actors. Maybe you'll see ["Ray Donovan" leads] Liev Schreiber or Jon Voight or ["Masters of Sex" leads] Michael Sheen and Lizzy Caplan getting nominations. Read more after the jump below...

Were you surprised by Don Cheadle's nomination?
I was hoping for Don Cheadle. That was the big one. I wasn't really surprised. I kind of looked at that category and thought he had a real shot.

Was it bittersweet to have "Homeland" make it into the Outstanding Drama Series race only to have "Dexter" exit the category?
"The great thing was that Michael C. Hall still gets nominated among the six best actors on television. ... The upcoming season the show is I think completely revitalized. I expect it's going to rock some people when it comes out in the fall. The next two seasons of "Dexter," it's on a pretty ferocious path.

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  2. Yea it should be provocative, it should be great!

    This time they have the focus, no contract holdouts, no air of uncertainty, and a consistent writing team that carry's over from last season, so - basically "no excuses". It should be a great season, if not then, Houston, we have a problem.

    BTW, here comes a tangent because it dovetails into something that was brought to my attention today via message.

    A little bird explained that fans have been lifting "alternate" versions of what is reported in articles or what we say about it here on dexdaily, and posting it in other forums across the net. Passing on fan theories or articles is totally cool, however, misappropriating, misrepresenting, or flat out lying is not.

    Nobody ever said or reported an article here, or claimed here that Jeff Lindsay married his foster sister. The article that was posted here and the commentary on it, stated that Jeff Lindsay married his childhood friend, his parents' closest friends' daughter. If I remember correctly, he jokingly referred to it as an "arranged marriage" and I believe he said that he and his wife fought like siblings when they were kids. We speculated here on how that experience influenced how he wrote Deb/Dex, and how much of his own life goes into his writing.

    Seems sensible to me, but plagiarizing our discussions here, or reporting on articles posted, and then changing the content is troublesome. It's ok to make mistakes, but deliberately lying or misrepresenting the truth, whatever side of the argument you are on, is NOT cool at all. If someone wants to copy our posts to a Dexter Facebook clique or whatever and flame us there because they can't here, fine, haters gonna hate, but at least hate on us for the words we are actually saying. Don't make up stuff we didn't say and hate on us for that.


    1. BTW, I found one of the articles posted here where JL discusses his wife, there have been others, but this is most relevant:

      "How’d you meet your wife?"

      "We met when we were kids; our families were good friends; I always say that it was an arranged marriage and we don’t even like each other.

      After we got married, and her mother got sick, we thought she had six months to live, so we said let’s go back to Florida and take care of her...."

      So we have childhood friends, a sick mother, et.

      Yea there are OBVIOUS parallels, but nowhere in this article or any other have I seen, where it says that she was his foster sister - so that should not be making the rounds as a rumor anymore than the whole "they changed season 6 after the fact" nonsense that was being made up. Let's save the conspiracy theories for moon landings and Kennedy.

      Keep it real.


    2. How do you know they found something you said on this thread? It is BURIED underneath so much other stuff! I read about that last year! Are you flattering yourselves a little while putting somebody else down for saying they saw or read the same thing? This isn't the first year this thought has been around about Lindsay!

    3. Gotta question about the great writing team being held over, the same one that nearly took down one of the best cable shows on tv in Season 6! Very bad reviews, lots of complaints from fans, and at comic con, after die hard fans waited all day to see the two minute clip, they laughed so hard through what wasn't intended to be funny, you could hardly hear it! They made the show a joke and you feel comforted they are hanging around? Season one, the best, check the credits, we need to great people that developed the show, and Jeff Lindsay wrote one, people like that, not Scott Buck, who they still all stumble over the question, did you always know Deb was going to find out this season? Uh, well, we uh, we always knew that... and they wrote themselves into hurried rewrites throughout the season into a two season ending! That right there is a joke in itself! The panel looked none to pleased when the whole crowd laughed through the most dramatic, intense moment on Dexter ever!

    4. 10:59

      Someone said there was a discussion about what "Z" posted on Dex daily about Lindsay marrying his "foster sister" - I have no seen said discussion, but it freaked me.

      I said no such thing. Period. If it was said it wasn't me, but I do not remember anyone here saying it.

      Yes, I am in favor of the Deb/Dex pairing and I often argue that point, and sometimes I notice yes, my posts get copied word for word into other places - I am ok with that.

      But as much as I am for fans making a good argument in support of that relationship, it would be wrong to stretch Linday's story past all credibility in order to support a go on Dex/Deb. He did not marry his foster sister in real life. It's not true. I never said it, and I don't think anyone else here said it either.

      Just wanted to make that clear.


    5. 11:05

      I was watching when people laughed at the BrBa preview when they saw Mike about to shoot Walt, because even though that scene was tense as hell, it was ALSO funny, because Mike's disgust at Walt has always been funny.

      People laughed at the Dexter footage, because even though it was tense and serious, there were classic Dexter humor moments like "I snapped!" which, if you think about it, is REALLY funny. That is so "Dexter" and part of the insanity that is this show. People also laughed giddily through all the Hobbit footage which may have been the biggest event at comic con aside from the Firefly re-union panel. When you are REALLY excited about something, and experience it with a group of people who are likewise excited, there is always laughter and joy - that is part of a fan experience of doing these events.

      I have also been at music concerts with rabid fans, who cheer, catcall, and laugh or scream hysterically through the most somber, beautiful, and reflective music! It drives me up the wall, but that seems to be part of this current generation.

      BTW, the panel was NOT EVEN introduced until after they screened it! So how can you say they looked none too pleased? That makes no sense.


  3. Z- I don't know about you but the least people could do if they supposedly spread rumors is link the "supposed" info where they got it from. No link is a matter of he-said-she-said and anyone who does that does not deserve to even have their opinions read. Another thing that bugs me is that people taking others opinions and posting them on another board without the first person's knowledge. The last thing I would want is a domino effect where people who do not agree with an opinion someone else has, come over to these boards and flame that person. Whatever asshat is doing it should take their comments and opinions elsewhere and stop coming here and trying to start trouble -.-

    1. Yea... AngelSlayer, what can you do.

      I've had some of what I say copied and pasted to other forums, which I was OK with when they were either linking, quoting, or copying my text correctly - for example, my analysis of the season 1 subtext, specifically focusing on the Lauren Gussis written episode, "Shrink Wrap" in it's various forms, has several thousand views and a few hundred downloads, and has been shared across the net, and I am absolutely OK with it because I made it available to Dexter fans. However, I do not like it when my words are altered.

      11:05 - since we are talking untruths, let's examine your post.

      If you actually listen to the audience recorded footage, one can clearly hear that the laughter occurred during the exact key funny moments - Dexter's "holy shit" exclamation which was funny, when Deb said "That doesn't explain the plastic" (cheers and laughter from the audience) and finally "I snapped" - all of those were appropriate, and I laughed too!

      That to me, summed up the entire Dexter experience in one scene, you are terrified he is finally busted, you are laughing at the situation, and you are feeling empathy for the characters! That is 100% what this show has always been about. I would think if the panel had seen the fan reactions, they would be very happy.

      Yet, 11:05 stated "The panel looked none to pleased when the whole crowd laughed through the most dramatic, intense moment on Dexter ever!"

      Excuse me? You mean the panel that wasn't there when the screening took place? LOL, I mean if you are going to make stuff up to make the actors and producers look bad, don't contradict the video evidence that is right here on the site showing the panel being introduced AFTER the footage is screened!

      So while the audience was having their reaction or whatever, Scott Buck and company were probably backstage sipping their latte's and going over the last minute rundown on spoiler avoidance. As far as I know, that's pretty standard for comic con.

      And please, don't even try to cover the lie with another lie that "I knew someone who was backstage and..."



  4. What other boards are there? I only know of this one! Do you mean the Showtime website? I must admit, I only come here for Dexter updates. Don't know of any others that have discussion...

    1. 6:47

      There are IMDB boards, Dex Wiki, Showtime, et - and some Facebook stuff, but this and Wiki are the only place I post. I am not that interested in the specifics, I just don't want to be associated with the spread of misinformation.

      Anyway, my mood for talking about this has soured in the wake of what has happened in Denver. There is a clear example of hatred, negativity, and animosity gone amok.

      Sometimes it feels like our society is coming apart at the seams... :(


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