POLL: What's Your Favorite Season 7 Teaser So Far?

Showtime has released so far 5 new teaser tralers for the new season of Dexter. The two which released yesterday, are the last before the sneak peek with the first 2 minutes of the Season 7 premiere. What's your favorite so far? Vote now!

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  1. Hey John, TV line posted a new spoiler about Dexter. Just thought I'll let you know : http://tvline.com/2012/07/10/greys-anatomy-spoilers-parenthood-vampire-diaries/

  2. Truth Brings Light, no doubt. The dark feel it had was amazing and they have kept going with that. Season 7 will be fantastic!

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    1. Lol I know you secretly like me. <3

  4. What Happens Next/My Dark Passenger exposed.

  5. The fast-moving one because it's the only one that contains actual footage.

  6. Truth Bring Light is unbeatable, I seriously can't imagine a better teaser, this one was a sheer epicness :) But the other were great too, especially thanks God for the fast-moving one - so many new interesting photos to think about :)

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