Dexter Panel at Comic-Con 2012 - Photos

Another Dexter panel at Comic-Con is over! Hit the jump below to see various photos...

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  1. Ok, photos,photos and the video??? :/

  2. Oh MCH and Yvonne are just too adorable together, and what has MCH had done to his face? Botox for sure! And I would say there is more to RESTalayne, going on there too, whatever, he looks great! The consequences of love, hm, disappointment, loss, grief, joy, knowing thyself, you name it, and I knew he would talk her out of it, didn't know he would drag Rita in, thought he would use HARRISON (who?) but yes, Rita, the plastic, hm. ok, he admitted as a forensic analyst, there's some good writing, he grabbed plastic on the way? Well.... anyway, we knew he would make her believe this is a one time thing and we know the manipulation will be convincing her all season what he did do and why and what he didn't do and why... I can't wait because HE looks excited! And, I am glad they are being much more open, kinda stupid to be so closed mouth at this point really and I think it peaks people's interest to have more information as they come to the end, good call! I won't be The Patsy this year! Wink Nudge.

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