Comic-Con 2012 - Dexter Panel: "Run", "Ultimate Kill", "Relationship Evolves" - [Videos]

The first three videos from the Comic-Con 2012 panel of Dexter, uploaded by Showtime: "Run": Michael C. Hall discusses what advice season 7 Dexter would give to Dexter in season 1. "Dexter's Ultimate Kill" Michael talks about his most satisfying kill on Dexter. "Relationship Evolves": Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall discuss the evolution of Debra and Dexter's relationship.

Watch two more after the jump...

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  1. Jennifer seems a little nervous and insecure. That that that is weird, I can barely get a word out in front of a crowd.

    1. R-r-r-r-refrigerated t-t-t-truck. Give her a break, she's only human. Or maybe half angel, but still.

  2. She's fantastic. It's great to see Michael and Jennifer do so well together on the panel.

  3. they are so cute in first video

  4. OMG I't is the best serie 4ever :)

  5. Wow Dexter can t wait to see you again.

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