WATCH: Julia Stiles on WIGS 'Blue' - Episodes 3-4

Here are the next two episodes of Julia Stiles' "Blue" on WIGS YouTube channel. Episode 3 of 12 -- "You Rule": At her day job at an accounting firm, Blue comforts Lavinia, who begs her for advice. Episode 4 of 12 -- "Long Day, Blue?": Blue's mother extends an invitation that seems to unsettle her.

See the fourth episode after the jump below...

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  1. John can u set up a poll so we can vote whether or not to get updates on what Julia Styles is doing nowadays. She is awful and no longer a part of Dexter lol

    1. Just ignore them if you don't care.

  2. Blue is great! Thanks for posting these!

  3. Julia Stiles was terrible in Season 5, much like the rest of Season 5. Please stop bringing her up. Maybe the site can have a Blue sister site but posting that crap here is just posting for the sake of posting. Personally I'd prefer a leaner Dexter daily that just sticks to what we came here for.

  4. Keep them coming!

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