Ology's Best TV Episodes 2012 - Dexter Is on No26 With Episode...

...6.12 "This Is the Way the World Ends". Ology.com presents the 50 best television episodes of 2012.

26. “This Is The Way The World Ends”, Dexter (Showtime / Season 6, Episode 12 / December 18, 2012)

The good and bad of Dexter’s adrenaline-pumping sixth season finale? None of it—not Dex’s narrow escapes from death, not Colin Hanks’ chilling performance as Travis Marshall in his final hours of life, not the revelation that Quinn may be transferring, not the discovery that creepy intern Louis may become the series’ greatest enemy yet—matters at all when it comes to the shocker of all shockers, a game-changer six years in the making: in the fantastically captured final scene, Debra Morgan finally catches her brother (whom she might be in love with, by the way) stabbing his latest nemesis right through the chest. Now there’s a heart stopper. Terron R. Moore.

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Do you agree with this? What's your personal favorite episode of the sixth season?

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  1. Truthfully, I thought 'Just Let Go' was the apex of the season. It sort of went on a downward spiral after that; the only thing that kept me watching was really Deb's therapy sessions.

  2. So true Anonymous 11:01. Agree with every word you said. The drop in quality was pretty shocking after that. And Deb's game-changing discovery felt bunged-on, un-merited, like a desperate move to save a middling season. A shocker like that deserved a far better-written build up than was delivered in the last 6 episodes.

    1. I don't understand what you are saying at all LaRay...

      From the beginning of the season it was obvious where the storyline with Deb was going. From the moment where Dexter said to Quinn "It will never be you..." the snowball was rolling. It was also obvious that we were going to revisit the season 5 final with the curtain drawn.

      It was a clear and logical progression. In fact, so predictable and so coordinated and heavily foreshadowed that I felt a yawn coming on when it finally happened.

      I think Dexter is in a catch 20, in that this show attracts such a bipolar audience. One part of the audience is here for the shock and spectacle of the thing, and the other is here for the character and psychological bits.

      Season 6 was not a great season for the shock and spectacle crowd - it's not Scott Buck's strength really, he has always handled the quieter moments, the character bits. (Teenage Wasteland, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Slack Tide, et.) and Phillips and Rosenberg always handled the "24" style suspense on the show.

      I think the newer writers that were hired just for that, were not quite up to that task yet, but I think they can adjust given time. And let's be honest. That part was too difficult for Colin Hanks.

      The actors make a huge difference. If Colin Hanks had played Trinity, just think about how season 4 would have looked!

    2. Let's not blame it all on Hanks; Travis was a pretty sloppy character when it came down to it.

    3. 4:10

      So was Trinity... Trinity was absolutely ridiculous. Like Jeff Lindsay said, you can't write characters like that unless you have an actor that can make the audience not look at the story too carefully.

      They got away with it because Lithgow knocked it out of the park.

      Hanks is not a terrible actor, but he is more of a get-on-base, singles, kinda guy - he's just not a home run hitter.

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