New Video: The Cast of Dexter Talks Season 6

Watch after the jump a 27-minute Q&A video with the whole cast of Dexter, talking about season 6. The video was supposed to be released last year, but once I found it now that we are expecting Season 7, it's a great opportunity to remember what the cast said about last season...

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  1. I love these, hopefully it's on the bluray when it releases here.

  2. I like JC's statement that the viewers get to sit back and watch the characters on the show "make a mess" - that's perfect!

    It also causes you to wonder why some viewers seem to want things "neat and tidy".

  3. Gosh.... his voice..

  4. Thank you, Jon, the video is brilliant! :) I love especially the MCH's part, how he talks about that what Dexter says to himself (and us) isn't always truth, that sometimes he tries to persuade himself about something that isn't actually that way - that is something I also strongly felt, mainly during the season 6. And I also loved how he talks about the dynamics of Dexter/Debra relationship - makes me looking forward to season 7 even more (if its even possible :D ).
    Fabulous way how to ease the waiting for us a bit. And also a must-see for everyone who says that season 6 sucked...

  5. This is more than anything we got with the official dvd releases. Thanks!

  6. why did they not show us this when the season started (season 6) would have been nice!!!to c

    1. I think they showed some of it on the Dexter website last year.

  7. Thank you for posting this!

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