Dexter Season 7 - Lauren Mayhew to Guest

Actress and singer Lauren Mayhew told us exclusively early today that she will be joining Dexter as guest for episode 7.03 "Buck the System". We don't know something more about her role. Soon she will share with us some photos from the set!

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  1. i am kinda concerned with how many new people there are.. I dont get it.. Hopefully dexter off's them quick.. or are these dexters new girls, he seems to have a 'type'?

  2. Setting the show up for a pretty amazing pillow fight I see. Perhaps a few more ladies.

  3. Maybe this is the stripper they were trying to cast.

    Would be a good way for this actress to shed her Disney/teenybobber image.


  4. ^ excellent idea Z!

    She said a Fun character.. Interesting to think she probably is stripper

  5. Probaby Astor's bfff. The kids have to reappear sometime.

  6. She's not going to be the stripper, she told this to a fan on Twitter.

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