Dexter Season 7 Casting News - Matt Gerald Joins the Cast

According to Entertainment Weekly Avatar and The Shield tough guy Matt Gerald is coming to the show’s seventh season. He’s going to play a blue-collar violent criminal in a multi-episode arc next season. Gerard is also in the upcoming ABC drama Last Resort.

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  1. Not sure who he is, but he has the right "look" for the show. I am liking the cast of season 7.

  2. Is his last name Gerard or Gerald? "Gerald" gets Google results, while "Gerard" does not.

  3. He is such a boring actor, what a disappointment.

  4. Wow, this guy is great! His character Tommy Hisk has such a tragic track in "The Shield". He was superb in multiple episodes of "The Shield" as well as in "Lie To me". Shawn Ryan loves hiring this man. I doubt "Dexter" could go wrong hiring him.

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  6. I think u just did that yourself Maria lol

  7. I am betting he is going to be a construction worker who likes to hammer on people. Kinda goes with Louis planting a virus on Dexter's computer and being his shadow.

    If anyone out there has read Double Dexter, you'll get what I am saying. :)

  8. Louis planting a virus on dexter's computer. I love that idea. Well done anon

    1. 5:02

      It is pure conjecture on my part, but I am guessing that's what he did when he gave him the search engine named after T.S. Eliot I might add - whose poem, "The Hollow Man" has the lines "This is the Way the World Ends" which was used in the title of the last episode.

      I have noticed that Season 6 of Dexter really used much more from the books than any Season since 1 and 2. From Deb's press conference to little quotes here and there that come right out of later books. It would also explain Deb's ability to accept, after all - Deb from the books doesn't just accept her brother, she sometimes picks targets for him. She is Harry version 2.0 - the better, meaner, stronger Morgan.

      I expect the trend to continue, which is why I believe that the search engine Louis gave him was loaded with a worm/virus to track Dexter's searches.

      It's also why I think this guy they just cast will either be playing a hammer killer, or a man who murders cops - if I am wrong, I am wrong, but it would be interesting.

      Anyway, my two bits.


    2. Anon 943..hey man, you are a genius. and i mean that with no sarcasm.

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