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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Michael C. Hall Participates In the Los Angeles Times Emmy Roundtable 2012 [VIDEOS]

'Dexter' star Michael C. Hall participated the Emmy panel with actors Julianna Margulies, Aaron Paul, Claire Danes and Jon Hamm. They discuss how they research their roles and how much attention is paid to bloggers. Hit the read more button to see the videos...


  1. Nice John, it was about time you did something about what has been going on with the posts, it got to the point that I did not want to comment because I am sure someone would lash out.

  2. Love this year's round table. Lots of humor and insight. Didn't much care for the one before, where people like Tom Selleck, Steve Buscemi & William H. Macy constantly harked back to their experiences on film while participating in a TV roundtable. I guess the moderator was much better this time.

    1. The difference is that the three people you mentioned have been major "stars" in big time movies or in the case of Tom Selleck, a major TV Icon for generations.

      Once you get to that level, the humility often goes and you are less inspired to be candid and forthright in interviews - having been burned so many times.

      This one has a bunch of either, young actors, or seasoned character actors on shows with small viewerships/followings who are just in the bloom of their careers. As popular as Dexter or Madmen or Homeland, or Breaking Bad my be... we are talking a peak audience of 3 or 4 million viewers on a really good night.

      Back in the day Magnum PI (Selleck's show) was averaging 18 million viewers per episode (4x the audience), and then of course Buscemi and Macy having been in iconic Coen brother's movies or Air Force one, or on Soprano's or whatever. They probably feel more like "royalty" whereas Hamm, Hall, et. are stars in an era where nobody watches scripted shows, thus "reality" TV stars are way more famous than actual talented actors!

      The average American has no idea who MCH is, but they sure as shit know Snooki, or Paris Hilton, or random Beverly Hills Housewife!