Dexter - Episode 7.02 - "The Shadow Knows" - Additional Casting Calls

Check out after the jump the latest Dexter Season 7 casting call about the second episode "The Shadow Knows"...

[TONY RUSH] Mid 30s, Caucasian, attractive, football player's build. He is the former bouncer of a Miami strip club. GUEST LEAD

[WAYNE RANDALL] Late 30s to early 40s, Caucasian, small town America, built, nice looking, tough and hardened yet thoughtful. A prisoner who is serving a life sentence for homicide. 1 DAY GUEST STAR ROLE.

[FBI AGENT] Late 30s to mid 40s, professional, fit, straight-forward. He is an agent at an investigation scene. 1 Speech and 4 Lines/2 Scenes.

[LAB TECH] Late 20s to early 30s, male, professional. He is a lab tech at a private lab facility. 2 Speeches and 1 Line/1 Scene

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  1. Where you do get this information? Is this supposed to come out for the viewers to see?

    Thank you for the information though. Interesting.

    1. The info is from SpoilerTV and IMDb

  2. Looks like we're dealing with (and this is a complete prediction, just what I think might happen) a season that might be a little bit reminiscent of S2 of The Wire. We've got a lot of emphasis on strip clubs this episode, or at least 'nudity' with the woman from the first casting call. We also know that the Russian Mafia will play a huge role in this season. That immediately leads me to prostitution as a possibility (which I don't think Dexter has delved into too deeply, despite that it takes place in Miami). Tony Rush may either be a kill-of-the-week for Dex, or he may provide some information for Deb and the rest of the Homicide Crew about something. The guy serving out his sentence for homicide seems rather obvious, it's likely that he's going to be a part of one of the many scenes that will involve Deb trying to understand why Dex is the way he is. As for the FBI Agent and the Lab Tech, they likely have to do with the same murder (perhaps the one that leads Homicide to the strip club?).

    Of course, this is entirely speculation and I probably got all of that wrong. :P

    1. ediblesweet@aol.comMay 21, 2012 at 10:17 PM

      Season 1 Deb was an undercover prostitute. Brian Moser the ice truck killer had an obsession with killing prostitutes. Season 1 the whole season we kept getting dead prostitutes in almost every episode. Season 3 Angel Batista nearly solicited an undercover officer working as a prostitute. Angelo and the undercover dated for a few episodes. Season 4 Stan the man Boudry had killed a prostitute. Stan the man Boudry was framed as Trinity for one episode. Season 6 Matthews we learn has a continual habit of seeing prostitutes. Matthews paid a hooker, and that hooker ended up overdosing while Matthews was in the room. Matthews tried to reviver the overdosed hooker, but crushed her lungs instead. Prostitutes have played a huge subject matter in the series of Dexter.
      They haven't explored the underground world of sex slavery/trade, which might be what you were saying. Why would Dexer kill prostitutes? They don't fit the code? What would he pursue in the world of prostitution in Miami? The code only permits Dexter to kill murders, not pimps and sex slave traders. I think the latter is just as bad, but holding someone as a sex slave isn't the same as murder when it comes down to it, and the code would not justify their kill. Sex slave traders are scum, but not murderers who got away with murder.

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