PHOTOS: Michael C. Hall & Daniel Radcliffe on the Set of "Kill Your Darlings"

Here are some photos taken few days ago from the set of 'Kill Your Darlings' in New York. Click the link below to see more pictures of Michael C. Hall...

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  1. Thew both look like massive tools....

  2. Yay!
    Glasses will always suit you Daniel! <3

  3. he looks like !#@#!#! why oh why are you ruining my wet dream! Cut off the beard and get rid of the red. I used to love my Michael..

    1. What do you mean get rid of the red? I'm pretty sure his hair is naturally like that...

  4. no, you can tell his hair has been died, or he dies it for the show. I am just saying I want my dexter back!!!! enough with this dirty old man look, hot serial killer is much better!

  5. Am I the only one who actually likes the beard?

  6. I have no opinions about MCH other than the fact that he is a great actor and that he can do what he wants with his own hair.

    PS In the following scenario, who exactly would be a "tool": Two iconic millionaire actors at work filming a movie, or a little drooling sticky fingered brat hurling pointless insults from his keyboard?

  7. Is this site only for positive posts? I am just saying, I wish he would cut the beard. My favorite escape used to be looking at news shots of MCH and watching Dexter over and over and now he looks like a child molester. Not my favortie look. An I am a 40 year old woman, not a sticky fingered brat. Do agree he is a great actor!

  8. I think the previous post was talking about that Quillex guy who said both Hall and Radcliffe look like tools.

  9. I just wish i could prevent morons from watching quality shows, like Dexter. They're focusing on all the wrong stuff. And it makes me dread the day that they will grow as a number and start affecting the writers Like in the case of the fifth season. And this goes to the beard lady with the saggy tits.

  10. 1:16 You are right, I was not addressing her, I was addressing the calling them tools.

    8:39 A little clue for you. MCH is playing U.S. Grant in a mini series on the civil war. So, he looks like a civil war general.. *cough* That's why he has the beard and the hair the way it is. It's for a part.

    5:40 I agree about the fan stuff. Of all the shows I have ever watched, Dexter, Breaking Bad have the most schizo fanbases. It's like one part of the fan base is philosophical, with and appreciation of art and cinema, and the other part is degenerate porn addicted video game playing post teen boys with a fetish for blood and violence and zero brains. They are only there to watch Dex and Walt do "bad things". You know evil bastards like Mark Twitchell, who posts on the internet how cool Dexter is - talks about how much he hated Rita and Deb and then goes out and murders someone in real life. Clue number one, when dealing with a crazy psycho Dexter fan, you can always tell because they will have an irrational hatred of Deb or Rita or any "love story" that might intrude on their little kill fantasy. *sigh* I suppose it is inevitable but it is also depressing. It really makes me miss shows like Farscape and Firefly - who had the most awesome fanbases and really universally "understood" what the writers were telling them. Those fans would not have blinked an eye at the Dex/Deb storyline. Instead we have what we have. And they have picked one of the most redeeming and cool and IMPORTANT storylines on the show to get their mad on over.

    Some nights I don't sleep well, thinking - what if they do listen to one of these drooling fools? Could one of my favorite shows of all go down in flames as a result? The horror!

  11. So, cause someone is over 40 they have saggy ones? Now who is not being nice! Can wait for the next season!

  12. 06:45 I'm the 5:40 rude one that referenced the saggy tits. Actually, Breaking Bad is my second all time favourite show and it is along with Dexter one of the most visually challenging shows ever created. Crafted cinematography, brilliant writing and character development, gifted actors. That being said, I do enjoy both Dexter and Walt when they're at their darkest. And i don't mind the fact that you coyld place me in the "psycho fan" list. And yes, Rita was despicable as far as I am concerned but I did accept her role in Dexter's attempt to fit in at first and trying to balance his life later on. I think Deb is brilliant even when she's at her most irritating and i have the lovely Jennifer and the quirky writing to thank for that. The Dex/deb twist is exceptionally twisted. :-) Now, Lumen on the other hand...Give me a break, guy. Unacceptable season. I've accepted it as being part of my favourite show but i'll never forgive the writers. I meant there was stupid pressure on the writers after killing Rita off and that's what lead to that corny season that felt nothing like the cynical darkly dreaming good ol' Dexy. ;-)

    1. 4:11

      I did not mention Lumen. I don't like to talk about her, especially since she got in the way of Deb. Anything that gets in the way of Deb/Dex time is an evil in my eyes.

      I watch the show for many reasons, but one of the main reasons is the amazing freaking chemistry between Jennifer Carpenter and MCH. Every scene they have together in whatever capacity is just amazing, whether they are yelling at each other, or smiling, or just drinking a beer on the couch. So yea, not a huge fan of season 5 myself - not that I dislike Julia styles, I just or Desmond Harrison, but I did not want to watch Dex with Lumen and I did not want to watch Deb with Quinn or Batista with Maria. It's like comparing candles to the sun.

      Which is why, in season 7, I want Dex/Deb in almost every scene. I don't care if they are chasing bad guys, drinking beer, sleeping, fighting, or f**king - these are the two "stars" of the show and it needs to be all about them.

      And yes, I do enjoy Dex and Walt at their darkest, as a matter of fact I get pissed off sometimes when Walt cowers and begs for his life. (My most hated scene in Breaking Bad was when Gus box knifed his lieutenant and Walt was freaking out like it was still season 1 and he was watching Tuco go crazy again) And I get pissed off when Dexter makes stupid mistakes... like oh, not thinking about the fact that DDK had his wallet. *cough*

      But what I am talking about, is these fans who can't understand or pick up on any part of the show that doesn't involve a kill room or a meth lab or an action scene. Dexter's interactions with Deb are amazing, and to a lesser extent I really enjoy Skyler White, even when she is being a total control freak. That's what makes the story, It's the CHARACTERS - not the gimmick that makes the show.

      On some level we can all relate to Walter and Dexter, but we should never give them a free pass, or mistake them for real heroes, or get pissed off at the women in their lives for being women. Some of these fanboys cannot DEAL with a woman's emotions. They get mad at Skyler or Deb or even Rita for having feelings and behaving just as a woman would in that circumstance. I'm sorry, but I want strong female characters, not pretty, submissive, stupid fuck-toys who will just nod and say "yes" to everything the main character does, which is what it seems some of these fans expect. These kids are too lonely and watch way too much porn.

      Oh and yea, and to the poster who is such a "huge" MCH fan, and yet did not know that he was a redhead; classic, just classic!

    2. Personally, I don't particularly care which way they go with Dex/Deb, mainly because no matter which way they go, it'll ultimately be those two who are most important to each other. Yes, it would feel like a cop-out if they didn't continue with this storyline, and it would feel like, ultimately, whoever Deb ended up with would always take second place to Dexter and Harrison, but Dexter and Debra's relationship would still be the most important on the show, so it fazes me little.

      On the other hand, I do enjoy Walt at his darkest, but for the most part feel sickened with Dex when he is at his worst. I don't know why but I feel he should know better, and that Walt can't help it (yes, ironic, I know, considering that Dex actually can't help it). But I find it much easier to relate with Dexter than Walt, because he's someone who is being brought into humanity. Walt is becoming some sort of Meth-Ubermensch, whereas Dexter starts out Nietzsche's Overman. Not that I disagree with Nietzschian philosophy (in fact, I enjoy it very much), but Dexter is much more cathartic show than BrBa because it actually makes you root for Dexter. With Walt, you feel bad for him at first, but he gets more, and more unsympathetic as the series continues.

      Both are fantastically developed characters; personally, I'd give the edge to Walt, but Dex has the capability of being much better than Walt. In fact, when Dexter is at his best, the only character that could even top him is Omar Little from The Wire.

      In any case, people who bitch about specific parts of the story are just like people who call themselves Radiohead fans. Yes, a Radiohead reference; all Coldplay fans cover your eyes now. People didn't like Kid A because it wasn't OK Computer. And people didn't like Amnesiac because it wasn't OK Computer. Then they didn't like Hail to the Thief because it wasn't Kid A or Amnesiac. Then they bitched about In Rainbows because it wasn't Hail to the Thief. And now they complain because The King of Limbs isn't In Rainbows.

      There's no pleasing them. The artists (Radiohead) and the Writers (Dexter) should just do what they think is best for the story and allow us to be carried away by their story. After all, I don't think Jeff Lindsay would appreciate it much if fans told him how to write the book series; and I don't doubt the writers of the TV Show feel the same way. Also, the last two seasons have introduced two new showrunners; with Scott Buck sitting for his second season, the writing might be less frenetic and all over the place, especially if they take the right criticism. When people point logical pitfalls and plotholes in the story, you pay attention that you don't make the mistake again because no one like plotholes. If they're complaining about a certain storyline they don't think fits and you do, fuck them. You're the writer, you take precedent over what a viewer thinks.

      But I don't know how showbiz works, so I may be wrong.

    3. I think Dexter is the coolest character because he's almost a superhero type. He's essentially Batman with a butcher knife. He's not motivated by money, et. And despite his protests and denials of doing things only for need, or not having emotions, he has evolved - he really has become exactly what Harry meant him to be.
      I never want Dexter to become evil. If he dies, I want him to go out as a hero. I think it is important to the story. That's what separates Dexter from the rest of the stuff for me. I loved Soprano's, but I cannot watch it over and over because there is nothing heroic about Tony. Breaking Bad is amazing, but not as good on re-watch. There is nothing to learn that I have not already learned in life.

      Dexter is different - Dexter is on a path always to being something better than he is. This is why I watch the show over and over. I love ascension more than descent. Redemption is always a better story than damnation, even if the hero dies misunderstood.

      I love the Deb storyline because it is the fulfillment of a "promise" that the writers made in the very first episode. Promises are very important to me as a viewer. If you write something into a show, I expect you to follow up on it. If you fucking leave me hanging because some random X fan or worthless know-nothing TV gossip columnist doesn't "like it" because they are uneducated and retarded. I will hate you forever as an artist.

      Do what you want, write what you want, but don't promise me shit and then leave me in the cold. Before season 6, I would have been OK with Deb remaining "unaware" of her true feelings, and Dexter eventually realizing that he does love her and embracing it - even just as a 'platonic' relationship. I would have been disappointed and thought that the writers had no balls at all, but I would have said "ok", but now that there has been a dream sequence kiss, and Deb saying "I am in love with Dexter" - I expect story fulfillment.

      It's like the blood on Rita's wedding dress. Don't put that shit in the show unless you intend on killing her. There is NOTHING worse in any form of art or literature than foreshadowing something and then backing away from it. Staying with what you laid out above. Could you imagine if Radiohead did not make Kid A? That they just tried to make another OK Computer to please the fans? Or worse, could you imagine Hail to the Thief or In Rainbows going back to the guitar rock sound of their earlier albums? That would be dead art, it would be horrible.

      Yet that is exactly what some fans and critics are asking for. People like, geez, I do not remember all their names, it's been months - but those jokers on certain message boards, like that other crazy girl with the MCH fetish who might be the poster above bitching above MCH's new look. See, she even wants the real life actor to "stay the same". People just want season 4 or season 1 or 2 over and over and over again. They are completely retarded.

      And yea, I do want Bonnie and Clyde. The best parts of the Dexter novels are Deb and Dex hunting bad guys together. It's awesome. When Deb says "Kill him Dex, get that bastard for me!" My hair stood on end. Debra became HARRY, and again, that fits the story. She is jaded now, and she is essentially her father which is what the whole point of her character is. Repeatedly, they show us that Debra is on the same path that Harry was.

      As a fan, what I want, is you to continue to tell the story the way you have laid it out. If fans or critics are so shit eating stupid that they are incapable of understanding the themes of the show, like how important "blood" is. Then fuck them. Do not steal from yourself, from the art, or from the fans of the future and the legacy of the show to appease small minded fools.

  13. And saggy titted lady should get over the beard. And she needs to rewatch Dexter and the lovely Six Feet Under to realise that he's a natural red head.

  14. If Michael's hair, body and cock are the only reasons she's watching a show whose central character is a serial killer, she nees to get laid.

  15. And, now, I AM being rude. :-)

  16. 05:26 08:53

    I can relate to both Dexter and Walter. They are both flawed and that's what makes them so human. Anti-heroic shadowy figures with questionable ethics who are capable of both bad and good. Omar Little is another favorite one, since you mentioned him. ;-) Personally, i find the scenes where they come off as hellishly dark to be the most chilling. As far as Debra is concerned, she is the exact opposite of Dexter and that's what makes their dynamic interesting. She is strong but completely unable to control her emotions which tend to overcome her. Dexter's twisted code and his rather sketchy sense of feeling directly contradict her nature. In that sense they work very well together. But Lumen was such a pathetic attempt to make the show brighter. In a time when the last thing it needed was to take the easy route and present us some killer romance. Which is why, i think that now is the time for the writers to DEFINITELY take precedent over what a viewer thinks. This is art, it is what it is. It shouldn't be sugar coated and altered to please the masses.

  17. oh you got me...I need to get laid an and I watch to look at Michael C Hall...well duh! Just the sentence 4/9/ at 4:15 gets me all bothered! Peace people I just didn't like his current hair color-which is really unnatural looking. I think he is a little ginger but not so red.

    1. 11:47

      I think from the point you referred to MCH as looking like a "child molestor" you pissed people off and became open game. It was a really off the wall and stupid ass thing to say.

      When you do something like that, you can't really cry "you are being mean" if someone takes a shot at you. =P

    2. look at the picture above, he looks like a child molestor. I do not know much about the role he is playing but I think that he is trying to look like one. It is not my favortie look. A look for a role and not my favorite, I like the look to the left or to the right of this blog box. End of story for me. Have a nice life!

  18. How is Dexter better that Tony and Walt. Come on, be a realist. I love him because he is who he is. Damaged, twisted, sick, but also a struggler, a rebel against his father's expecations. Harry was also an ambiguous figure that tried to redeem himself and alleviate the guilt for his part in Laura's death by turning his son into a serial killer. How unbelievably fucked up. In a cool kind of way. :-) Dexter is no hero. And he won't die a hero. He is an incredibly adorable dismantled soul. He cuts people to little pieces after setting up a ritual and chit chatting with the killers to satisfy his god complex. He is a master manipulator, pretty much like Walt and Tony. They can be very cruel and very human. So can Dexter. They're different but share some characteristics. Now i don't know about the books but the show has chosen a different path. I don't want Bonnie and Clyde. But seeing Deb turn into Harry might actually be interesting. And challenging. So I'm all for it.

    1. Let's see... Tony and Walt run vast criminal empires, cost the taxpayers (theoretically you and I) millions and millions of dollars, and destroy or affect thousands of innocent lives.

      Whereas Dex saves innocent lives (a minimum of 1 life per each killer he puts down) and probably has saved the taxpayers of Florida, somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million dollars in law enforcement, court fees, and prison expenses by this point. As a matter of fact, if this were real life they would have be onto by now because some Federal statistician would have noticed the massive murder rate drop in Miami as opposed the rest of the country. He's pretty much weeded out most of the psycho's in the state, and since he particularly likes to knock off child killers... figure there are hundreds of "missing kids" that won't go missing because of Dexter. Considering those hundreds of families will not be dealing with missing/murdered family members, that means well over a thousand individuals not suffering from psychic trauma, which makes for a healthier, happier society. In fact the psychologists, therapists, and grief counselors of Florida might be noticing a lack of patients by now.

      Say what you will about his twisted soul or his sick head, but I'd rather live in a city with Dexter Morgan than one with Walt or Tony ANY day!

      See, realist and "practical" to boot!

    2. 5:36

      Certainly Dexter is no hero, but there is a promise of redemption for him that makes him more alluring than Walt or Tony. Remember that neither Walt or Tony have never had to question whether they were human or not, which Dex has to do quite frequently. Also, his entire journey is to literally become human. He doesn't have to be a hero, but anything less than human would make the entire journey pointless.

      The closest they ever get to revealing the point of the show is literally in a conversation between Dexter and Jordan back in the fifth season when Jordan mentions Plato's 'Symposium'. We're all fractured souls seeking to be whole. That scene is practically the same thing as when D'Angelo teaches Bodie and Wallace chess in The Wire; it is a microcosm of everything the show stands for. Furthermore, Dexter appears to take a lot from Frankenstein, but the one catch is that while everyone rejects the Monster, Dexter has experienced both love and anguish, which makes gives him development and the possibility to be 'human'. Dex has always been seeking the answer to a question that Tony and Walt never have. Dexter is a far more Existential sort of treat than The Sopranos or BrBa, which is why it even seems to have more of a dreamlike, stream of consciousness feel to its narrative than most other shows out there.

      Deb can't become Harry, or at least, not fully. Book Deb can become book Harry because we only that book Harry died. TV Harry committed suicide, meaning that if TV Deb were to become Harry, it would eventually end with her suicide, and then there's no real redemption for Dexter. The only possible out is death, and Dex can't answer the question of whether he's human or not because Deb and Harrison are his one last chance to stop being Harry's Monster and becoming his own man. If they die, so does the chance to ever answer that question.

      And that's the interesting part to me about where we go with the next season. Where will they go with Deb/Dex? If it sinks, so does a lot of Dex's chances ending anywhere positive by the time the series ends. Will Louis be the perfect Moriarty to Dexter's Holmes; or a Robin to his Batman? Where will Dexter end? Will he be able to experience true love with his son and the one person he ever claimed to ever be capable of 'having feelings' for, and will he be able to shed the Dark Passenger and end the cycle of blood that has come up since the beginning of the series?

      No matter what avenue they take, something about this next season's possibilities really has me interested on what could be a HUGE rebound season after the disappointment of S6 (Deb's therapy sessions and Brother Sam were what made this season watchable; DDK had the capability of being terrifying, but Colin Hanks is a bit of a miscast and Travis was simply undeveloped, IMO).

  19. 8:19

    Awesome post. You sound familiar to me. :)

    1. ;) Yea. Not many Dexter fans impress me like this. There are about two or three max that can talk on your level and really force me to re-examine my own viewpoint on the subject.

    2. Weird... I said I liked your post and what you have to say about Dexter and someone removed my post!!!!

      Seems someone did not like me agreeing with you. LOL!!!

  20. First of all, the fact that he chooses to chop up killers means absolutely nothing. Murder is murder.. Which is what Harry realised little before he ended his train wreck of a life. He does not take innocent lives and that makes him what? A saviour? He does not take lives because of his self righteousness but because he FEELS THE NEED. This is fiction, not real life. In real life you wouldn't go near him and nothing could change my mind about that. I've been trying to explain to you how i find him extremely interesting even though he is not a paradigm of society's norms. Tony and Walt can be much more human at times. Dexter is an out of this world figure. He is my all time favourite one though. I can't wait for the Louis storyline. I'm spraying my pants already. Season six was much better that season five because it had elements from the first seasons, all toned up. Colin Hanks was very good in my opinion, since this season had the good ol' dark humour. Deb's therapy sessions were incredible. But Brian reappearing is what made me overly delightful. The next season looks so promising. As long as the writers don't chicken out..

  21. And, yes, he is a fractured soul seeking to be whole but we already know that is never going to happen.

    1. I disagree. Dexter shows he is capable of being 'whole', as he even plans on giving up serial killing when he realizes that he really does love Rita at the end of S4.

      The first five seasons showcase some major development for Dexter. Seasons 1-4 show him going from unburdened serial killer to a father of three and husband who is genuinely, sincerely trying to be better for his family (something that eventually comes back to bite him). He GENUINELY loves Rita, even going so far as to think that with her, one day, he may be rehabilitated.

      S5 showcases that further in Lumen, that Dexter could atone for Rita's demise and that he could still love someone. The reason why it could never work out with Lumen is because they only shared the 'darkness', and once she realized that, Lumen did the only thing that she could: leave before she actually hurt him.

      But the fact of the matter is that she also lacked something Rita didn't, just as Rita lacked something Lumen had. Lumen had seen Dexter's Dark Passenger, Rita hadn't. However, Rita did not and would not condone what he did and forced Dexter to grow as a character and become more human. Lumen would have allowed Dexter to continue being the android-killer many viewers would think he is. So, neither Rita nor Lumen were good for Dex. If someone were to unconditionally love him, but not necessarily condone Dexter's actions (coughDebcough), he could definitely become whole.

    2. 8:42

      Your ideas are noble. You don't sound like anyone else who posts here. You must be a writer. But you are talking to the wrong people.

      Too many viewers of this show are about as bright as "a black steer's tuchus on a moonless prairie night." (you will probably appreciate that reference if you are as clever as I think you are)

      Your only hope is that the writers don't cave into the pressure from the fanbase who is in turn pressuring Showtime. Showtime IS NOT HBO, they ARE a network that does listen to fan input and they have burned down several of their own shows as a result.

      Dexter was a success for Showtime because it was based on great characters by a real novelist. Unfortunately season 5 and 6 have had hints of "appeasement" and the show has gone from having a clear direction to trying to make fans happy.

      These fans that are railing against Dex and Deb are the same type of folks who get together and burn books. Anything they do not understand, that they are too dense to digest, is subject to their "moral outrage".

      Over at HBO and Game of Thrones - internet bloggers and critics bitched all winter about 'sexposition' and 'too much incest' and 'going to far with the gore and violence'. So HBO and the Writers opened the first two episodes of the season with the the nastiest sex and violence and incestuous storylines ever put on film, followed by 'sex-position' and over the line baby killing that even made ME cry and wince and turn away and say "that's just too much!". They basically looked all the critics, forum fan posters, and internet bloggers in the eye and said "Fuck off and die, screw what you think is 'decent' we will write this show and THIS story as we please."

      And the fans loved it and the ratings soar, and they are breaking DVD sales records.

      Meanwhile over at Showtime - Michael C. Hall's language in the last few interviews has been soundly defeatist. In December he was proud of this storyline, but now he is talking about "Deb setting limits" and the psychiatrist being in the wrong. He is echoing the outrage of a certain segment of the critics and the fans and this frightens me. It sounds like SHO is caving.

      If they cave, if they back off of this love story and pull a "well she doesn't love him now because he killed someone" or a "Dexter is incapable of love" just to stop the incest whiners, then this show is toast. It will go down in a burning heap of slag as ALL compromised art goes down. If SHO can't wear the big boy pants and they let Dexter disintegrate into 'fan appeasement'. So you can pretty much kiss Dexter goodbye, and any future projects that are REALLY good, the writers of the original material will want to deal with other networks and stay the hell away from SHO. I know I would.

      Ironically in the end, the people they are trying to appease will hate the show more than ever. That's always how it works.

  22. 01:46

    You're a very good ass kisser but the "writer" is not as free spirited as you think. We agree that the writers should not cave in as far as the whole Dex/Deb thing goes. But i definitely don't wish to see some far out stretched contrived storyline in which dexter is redeemed and "cured" and oh so evolved. Get real. The darkness and dry humour is what made this show the briliance it is. Its aesthetics were built on that. What the fuck? Don't act like Mary Sues.

    1. The show is not the book. The entire show is about Dexter's evolution as a character, whereas the book is the insight into a sociopath's mind. Jeff Lindsay said it himself, the show is moving from Dexter being a sociopath. And I didn't say for Dexter to be cured, he could still be as dark as he is, but the question of whether he becomes human at all.

      The show, in my opinion, certainly won't end happy, and Dexter will either be dead, in prison, or probably the victim of an even worse fate than either, but what I'm arguing is a philosophical point, not a 'Mary Sue'. I simply said that Dexter could love and could be a human; it didn't mean he was going to suddenly become Jesus.

      Truthfully, Deb might even condone the killing like the book Deb does, but I feel the characters have diverged quite a bit since the first book and first episode, so I don't see that happening.

      Personally, I like Dexter being an antiheroic character, and it's one of the reasons why Lindsay's Dexter is a little more entertaining than Hall's Dexter. But Hall's Dexter is the more developed Dexter. The fact is that the book is a black comedy whilst the series is a psychological drama, therefore the characters will be more developed than the book series' characters. And the writers have been exploring the 'what is a human' angle since the first season and I feel it would be an incredibly hollow show if Dexter didn't showcase at least SOME dynamism in its lead. Personally, that's just how I look at it as a critic.

      Furthermore, Dexter could be 'redeemed and cured', but then we'd have to get to the reality of the Dark Passenger. It's no compulsion, it's a hobby. Dexter is a sociopath, but a sociopath that has been on the path to humanity, and has the possibility of change. If the writers back off from that change; without that change, from a purely literary standpoint, Dexter is a poor, weak, un-compelling, and unfulfilled character.

      It's not acting like a Mary Sue, it's acting like a person who understands character arcs.

    2. 12:44

      Come on, you are completely out of line going off on me like that. I was giving a good poster a compliment, as I believe I have given one to you before (your posting style seems familiar). No need to jump all over me for being courteous on the internet for fuck's sake.

      And while I don't believe there can be a happy ending, I applaud any alternative thinking on the point. Personally, I am aiming for the bittersweet as well - if I wrote the end of the show - I would send Dex and Deb on the run to some foreign country. Maybe they fake their own death. OR something equally messed up. In the end though I believe that this show will have Debra kill Dexter. Why? Because it is foreshadowed and written that way in Season 3, where Deb promises Dexter that she would "put him down" out of love, if it ever came to that. I knew the second that she said that, it was where we are going, just as sure as I knew that Rita was toast when that blood dripped on her wedding dress.

      I also predicted the ending of season 6, and that Debra was going to say she was in love with Dex as soon as I saw the first three episodes of season 6. It was easy as pie to several viewers - a few of us out there have always been paying attention. The last scene of the season was not what I wanted, but it was how I knew it was going to go down.

      As far as what happens? I am open, however I DO want an oasis. I want something like we had at the beginning of the episode "Slack Tide" in season 4, where Dexter and Deb are settled in and apparently "happy" and Dexter thinks that it's all good, and that his life is just where he wants it to be.

      Those have always been the best moments of the show. Those big bright spots in between all the darkness, it's what keeps most of us watching.

      PS - did anyone catch that Lindsay interview where he talks about the fact that he is married to a girl he met as a child and grew up with? (He jokingly refers to it as an "arranged marriage") And that he moved back to Florida when her mom was suffering from an illness. Not hard to see the inspirations behind the Deb/Dex story there, eh?

    3. Really? I didn't catch the whole 'put you down of love thing'. If it isn't too much trouble, could you point me to the episode?

    4. 6:54

      I believe it is either in the episode "Sí Se Puede" or "Easy as Pie" or else the one before it "Turning Burmese". Dexter is trying to get Deb to go see Camilla before she dies, but Deb won't do it. And she is pointing out to Dexter that it's wrong to let a loved one linger on and suffer. She tells Dexter that if something like that was going down with him. "I'd do you.."

      The way they shot the scene was specific. There are a few moments like that in season 3. Like the scene where Dexter tells Deb her haircut is beautiful, and she takes off her sunglasses to let the viewer register the schoolgirl reaction. She's just absolutely thrilled over his compliment.

      Season 3 was solid with the Dex/Deb moments. There was also another where he splatters Deb when she is in the suit and you see Dexter just flat out laugh joyously - the way he is looking at Deb, real genuine emotion and joy - so rare for Dexter in the course of the series. There was SO much foreshadowing in S3. So much there to mine as far as character development and portents for things to come. If you watch season 3 close, you know A: Rita will die. B: Deb is in love with Dex, and probably vice versa. C: This is not going to end well. The beginning of season 4 was a huge letdown for me because they dropped a lot of those threads, but then BAM picked them up again towards the middle and end of the season.

      Season 5? I don't even know WTH that was. I am going to chalk it up to everyone being stressed that MCH had cancer. And season 6, I view as "recovery".

    5. 6:54 Again.

      I checked it was "Easy as Pie" obvious a great Lauren Gussis Episode, damn she can write.

      Deb: "I'd pull the plug, put a pillow over your head... whatever! I'd never let you suffer."

      Dex: (smiling) "You wouldn't would you?"

      That is prime "foreshadowing" if I ever heard it.

      If you write stuff like that and don't follow up on it, you are a hack!

      1.5 years from now, long after people forget I posted this, and we are watching Deb put Dex down in the last episode of the series. I might log onto some random Dexter forum or post here and say: "It went down pretty much as I expected."

      And a bunch of people will tell me how full of shit I am. Or if I post it just before, they will say I had "inside information" and that I am a cheat and a liar and I spoiled the show for them. Because baby that's just the way it always works, it's my experience. It happened to me in episode 6.12 and it will happen to me again in episode 8.12

      Episode 7.12 is a tougher challenge - but put me down for Deb doing something terrible to protect Dexter.

    6. I get the feeling that the ending sort of hinges on the Breaking Bad ending. I've long felt Jesse would kill Walt at the end of the series, and with all the comparisons Dexter and BrBa already draw, some people might feel that they just ripped off the BB ending. Personally, I don't know where I want the show to end...with Dexter dying, escaping, or continuing to be a killer. So, I'll just keep watching and probably still be satisfied whichever way they go.

      But good catch!

  23. I am myself a bit familiar with character arcs and i do agree that evolving should be expected, in the case of a film or show. But that should happen within certain limits, otherwise the result is going to be unacceptably forced and contrived. Anyway, lets just agree to disagree, im getting kind of tired with this whole going back and forth.

  24. Agreed, I'm not terribly fond of arguing over the internet either. Once again, I'm not saying I know that they should make Dexter 'all better', but it is a possible avenue that, if laid out in a strong arc over the next 24 episodes, could really end well. Something tells me, however, he'll have an ending that isn't all bad and not all good, either. Seems to be another angle the show is building up to.

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