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Monday, March 12, 2012

SAVE THE DATE: Dexter Season 7 Premiere - Sunday, September 30th 2012 at 9/8c

Mark your calendars! Showtime is getting off to a very early start planning its fall programming with today's announcement of a premiere date for the new seasons of hit shows Dexter and Homeland. Both will premiere Sunday, September 30, with Dexter at 9pm and Homeland at 10pm.
Dexter, which will be going into season 7, will have to deal with the aftermath of Deb witnessing her brother's serial killer instincts in action. Season 7 begins filming in May.



  2. I miss Dexter so much!

  3. Hi John,

    I'm a Dexter fan and came across your site. I work at a tech company and we're considering building out this idea (click on site to see the specs):

    I'm trying to get interest, validation or ideas for improvement from the people we hope would be the early adopters of something like this. We'd be thrilled to have you as part of our beta group or hear any comments or feedback you have - positive or negative.

    Feel free to leave thoughts in the the form on the site.

    Thanks for for your time,


  4. Great to hear that. I am looking forward to have it on my television.

  5. I am reading the novels to get my Dexter fix. Once done with that, I will likely watch old episodes...with Sgt. Doakes, no doubt! SURPRISE MF! Luv him! But I can't see a way around Deb accepting Dex. That's probably why she went into lovey-dovey mode so the writers will have a way to write in Deb's acceptance of Dex's dark side (passenger). Also the book has her knowing about him. While they (Showtime)haven't followed the books to a "T" (LaGuerta died in the 1st book)there are a few things that are similar. I know Dex has to meet his demise one day but I'd like to watch M.C. Hall for another couple of seasons cuz NO ONE else could play that part! He owns it!

  6. These will be very long six months..

  7. Anon at 5:59 The writers of the show say they never follow the later books, but there has totally been pieces of later novels in the last few seasons. Deb's press conference for example, was right out of "Dexter is Delicious". As much as they are different, the books and the series have influenced each other, except the books have always stayed on a "supernatural" path and the TV show has stayed on the "superhero" path.

    The TV show is a bit Frank Miller, always has been.

    1. 11:36

      Not to mention Brian's "What is it between you two?" is also from Dexter is Delicious; although I think Brian asks Dexter what it is between him and Deborah in a facetious, mocking manner rather than a serious, exasperated tone.

    2. Someone sounds like a grade-A twanger trying to overcompensate.

  8. We need a troll hunter with a big light array around here. ;)

  9. In the premiere Deb is going to do 1 of 2 things. 1- She turns around crying and screaming as she leaves. 2- She cautiously approaches Dexter and as she gets close enough to see that Travis has been cut on the cheek,wrapped in compression tape and Dexters knives are displayed..her reaction will be much like Doakes- Jesus Christ Dex your the real Bay Harbor Butcher. From that point Dexter will probably narrate a series of flashbacks starting from the beginning as he explains to Deb.