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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Trouble With Bliss - Official Trailer

Morris Bliss is a 35-year-old man-child who still lives with his parents. When he finds himself falling in love with the 18-year-old daughter of a friend, he discovers that his life is changing in unexpected and long overdue ways. Starring Michael C. Hall, Lucy Liu, Peter Fonda.


  1. This actually looks really good! And it's so weird not seeing him in a dark role... hehe :)

  2. You know, it's interesting to see William Blake Henke in this. He's the same actor who was in the first season of DEXTER, playing as Tony Tucci. Only this time around, he should get to keep his limbs. Anyway, this looks like a pretty good movie. I'm sure it will be funny, too.