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Monday, January 9, 2012

POLL: What's Your Least Favorite Season of Dexter So Far?

Vote below! What's your least favorite season of Dexter so far?


  1. It's hard for me to say this, because although some episodes are little exciting in the category 'thriller', I love Dexter by the complexity of his character.

    So all I have ever seen was in my observation of how the character can handle every step, relationship, friendship and challenges that he builds in his life.

    I love all seasons, but the least left me in ecstasy was the 3rd.

  2. Who voted Season 4??? WTF guys!?! Dexter Season 4 is not just the best season of Dexter, but the best season of every TV show!

  3. You know, at first, I thought Season 5 wasn't that great. However, I recently watched it again, and it's actually really good and one of the most suspenseful seasons thus far. I think the reason I didn't like it at first was because of the amazing work of art that was Season 4! Try watching Season 5 again. You may be surprised how much you like it.

  4. LUMEN!!! That whole storyline sucked!!!

  5. Okay season one was the best. Season two and three were good to watch but Lila and Miguel ruined it for me. Season 4 was awesome and unexpected, season 5 was really good. They couldn't have something huge happen in season 5 right after Rita's death and personnaly I liked Lumen and hope she comes back. Season 6...completly diffrent from the rest and very good. I can't believe people would think that it's the worst season!

  6. I love all the seasons but having to choose season 6 bc I hated lila so glad she was killed off!

  7. Meant season 2 :-) not 6

  8. I liked every season and just picked Season 5 due to the fact that it followed Season 4. Season 4 was the greatest season of this show and maybe the greatest season in television history. So you knew Dexter couldn't top the season with trinity, so season 5 was a minor letdown. I don't understand how 19 people voted Season 4 as the worst.

  9. I voted season 3, but I loved all of the seasons. The reason I think people voted for season 4 is because of how slow it starts off. Don't get me wrong, it was an AMAZING season, but the best part IMO is the second half.

  10. I voted for season 5, but season 6 is close second. I enjoy season 3 nearly as much as season 4. I ultimately place season 4 above 3, because of how much suspense it had. Personally, I think the first two years of the show are the best and most complex seasons. Those first two just have the most depth and they didn't rely so heavily on their guest stars. My order of preference: 1, 2, 4, 3, 6, 5. Even the worst season of DEXTER is better than most other shows on tv. It's just impossible for fans on DEXTER to agree on which season was the best and which was the worst.

    1. Picking a favorite season and a least favorite is just a very personal choice with a show like this. Each season speaks something different for everyone. Even so, picking seasons 1, 2 or 4 as the worst is just ridiculous. I have to wonder why anyone would pick either of those three as the worst. I honestly don't understand why they watch the show in the first place, if they pick any of the (arguably) best seasons of the show as the worst.

  11. At first I thought season 6 was only marginally better than 5 and 3, but wow... after doing a 6 season marathon, season 6 is now my second or third favorite season of Dexter. It really ties into 1,2,and 4 perfectly. Not as much for the villain, but for overall story arc, it really felt like the show moved out of 'idle' and launched forward.

    I think this love story between deb and dex, bizarre as it is, may be the most compelling love story in television history. It really is cinema quality - and it hits ALL THREE of the requirements for epic love stories. "Unrequited/Hidden Love" "Tragic Love" and "Forbidden Love".

    It's like a fucking grenade in a box that's going to blow up the formula we have been stuck in, in the biggest way - there is so much possiblitity now.

    I see a moment where Dexter might almost achieve happiness but then it's going to implode on him. My thought is that, right at the moment when it looks like he is free, the past is going to catch up.

    I view Season 6 as a 'set up' - for an epic final two seasons.

    I predict LeGuarta and Quinn will die in the next two seasons, that Dexter and Deb will not be a "couple" in the normal sense, but they will get together, they will have a baby girl, that Deb will commit a murder on Dexter's behalf, and that everything will fall apart. The center cannot hold.

  12. season 4 will always be my favourite.. my heart was pounding while watching every episode and i don't know if that was because it was the first season i watched on an actual tv once a week or because it was so damn good. the cliff hanger and the was the icing on the cake.

  13. i cannot fucking believe people even vote for season 3 as their least favourite, let alone be the most voted for. It actually makes me angry. It has by far the best script,character development and explored relationships(mabye second to 4th in that department) and features some awesome awesome kills of the week. Some really dumb,blind people who simply just want to drone out and want to follow a big bad guy who goes around killing and have no deeper level, obviously voted for 3.
    It is undeniable, that it is brilliant!
    For the record, my favourite is 1 & 2 equally for different reasons.

  14. and 6 is my least favourite, due to plot holes and missed opportunities

  15. I agree Marto, season 3 is vastly underrated. Miguel Prado may be the best villain of the series. The way he played with Dexter, and the cat and mouse game those two played afterwards was amazing. I think a lot of people were turned off by the fact that the season started slow with pregnancy/wedding talk and that The Skinner was a lame villain.

    Anyways, back on topic. My least favorite was season 6. I think I have a real aversion to religion and that aspect of this seasons theme doesn't really interest me. I also disliked the Gellar twist. It would have been ok if they revealed it sooner but 9 episodes is too long to drag it out, especially when you see it coming a mile away. Plus the lack of anything really interesting for Quinn, Batista & Masuka to do for most of the season turned me off as well. Having Brian Moser reappear for only one episode in the middle of the season was an odd choice too.

    Ugh, too much bothered me this season but hey, that's how it goes some times.


  16. The problem with season 3 is Miguel - not he actor who played him, but just the character itself. He was never believable as a friend/confident to Dexter, and the audience felt like Dexter was out of character for trusting him as much as he did.

    And finally the presence of Miguel AND Dexter's engagement to Rita minimizes the presence of Deb in Dex's life and they had the fewest scenes together of any season. Dexter is an absurd fantasy with many plot holes. What holds the show together, aside from the mane gimmick of Dex being a bad guy targeting serial killer, is that Jennifer and Michael are insanely amazing on screen together. They are like two atomic particles colliding.

    In almost every season of Dexter, they have a "parallel" storyline that brings them together - they both undergo a type of journey that brings them closer, or helps them examine their relationship in a new light, and also there is a type of threat of Deb discovering who Dex is. Season 3 really didn't have that dynamic at all. Many viewers might not understand that, but they at least sensed it.

  17. Some people thought Season 1 was the worst? Why did they even bother with Dexter after that? Jeizuss!

  18. Anon at 10:56

    It's first on the list, probably half of those are accidental clicks. The other half are random people being smartasses. :)

  19. As much as I love Dexter I really couldn't see the point of season 5. I didn't like Lumen, for some reason she got on my last nerve..Anyone voting for season 4 needs to be on Dexter's table!

  20. Anon at 2:12

    I think season 5 happened because they were afraid to pull the trigger on Deb/Dex too soon after Rita's death. They were playing with the idea of what Deb and Dex would look like if she knew.

    I really clued into that when they did the scene where Dexter hands Lumen the blood slide, in the 5th novel it was Debra he gave the blood slide too - and I think a lot of us were waiting for that moment and we felt robbed when it was Lumen.

    Lumen was a "bridge" character. And really parts of it worked but ultimately we had trouble with season 5 because Lumen was NOT Debra. Not even close. I am not ripping Julia Stiles as an actress, she actually did a decent job, but let's face it... the actresses we are used to seeing on Dexter are way out of her league.

    Michael C Hall dominated every scene he was in with Julie Stiles, her sharing that kill room with him was "ugh" - like asking someone to stand on the equator and pick out Pluto in the sky at noon! She was not up to the task.

    So many viewers got annoyed with Rita, not because her character was bad, it was because as great as Julie Benz is, Michael just overpowered her in most scenes. Standing next to him she just sort of wilted and got squeaky and annoying. Not her fault. This guy is a major level star.

    When MCH is really on his game, there are less than a handful of actresses in all of television would could play opposite him and feel compelling. And fortunately for us, Jennifer Carpenter is one of them.

    She is so talented, she not only holds her own, but she can actually steal scenes from him.

    The writers learned a hard lesson that way. That's why from here on out, the only woman who can share Dexter's life, should and will be Deb.

    That's why it became obvious to the writers early on, that Deb and Dex were destined for a lot more than just a platonic relationship.

    For everyone who claims that Dexter doesn't "need love" - well, they are just wrong. You can't tell a story about the human condition that means anything to wide audience without a compelling love story. It's the single biggest driving force of human existence, aside from the physical need of air, water, and food, it's part of our very essence. It's the first "mental" need of a human being "love"... it's so basic that even most animals need it.

  21. First season was my least Favorite because I had no idea about Dexter & the content of this show I couldn't believe Dexter was killing people & it was okay but from the season 2 I have loved every word every episode & everything about Dexter....Dexter love you forever, I never wabt this show to end ever!!!!!

  22. I love reading all the comments on here! My least favorite season was 6. Didn't like the religion theme & didn't like or care about the characters played by Edward James Olmos & Colin Hanks .. want more in-depth stories for Batista, Masuka & Quinn. Hubby & I get such a kick out of Masuka! Great comic relief!

    Can't wait to see what season 7 brings!

  23. Season 4 by far the best Dexter Season Ever!

  24. I was disappointed with season 5 because it was unrealistic. I love Dexter but I still want to watch something, which I believe to be a possibility? Season 5 was not that for me.

    I used to look forward to Sunday nights but now I sometimes watch Dexter on is sad but true. Seasons 1 - 4 were outstanding! I think I see where they will go with Deb and Dexter but I do not want to see them get too romantic? I always knew she would be the first to live and know; now she must fight her own demons - will she give her brother/love up? She will have the conflict of her life and so will Dexter, now!

    I love Michael C. Hall and I am currently re-watching Six Feet Under for the third time!

  25. How could anyone hate season 3? The ending was weak but the way it played out was excellent. Jimmy Smits as Miguel Prado was excellent. The only thing good about Season 5's was Lumen, Season 5 introduced huge plot holes to the series that didn't previous exist. eg. where the hell is his nanny now? they spent that whole seasoning building up mystery surrounding her.

  26. I don't hate season 3, it's just my least favorite.

    Anyone who says they "hate" a season of Dexter and is here, is no doubt, blowing smoke. It's the internet.

    Anon at 3:30 - Yea I love Six Feet Under as well. Scott Buck was a writer on that show - he's been writing scenes for Michael C Hall for over a decade now. The whack job fans who are yelling for him to leave Dexter are OUT of their collective minds.

  27. All the seasons were great, I buy all the seasons on video when they come out. If I have to pick one season for a least favorite, I would say season six. It was the most predictable.

  28. season 3???,people are you mad???...and the trinity killer?...the SEASON 4 FUCK YEAH!!!...SO FAAAAAAAAAAARRRRR...

  29. Shocked People voted for season 4. Definitely the most thrilling yet!

  30. Season 5 least favourite for me followed closely by Season 3.

    Best Season 2 > 4 > 1

    6 = Average

  31. Although Season #5 started slow to the point that I almost stopped watching it is underrated. #4 is overrated. #1 & #2 were great.

  32. Most favorite to least:

    Couldn't stand Lila. Liked the villains in 5, but not the Lumen character. Love Trinity, love Bynie, love the situations Dex gets into in Season 6 & crazy Travis.


  33. In my opinion:

    Season 2 will always be the best season for me. You see how the character fails twice because of the remorse of killing his brother, the pressure of the urge for being unable to kill because of Doakes following him, the confrontation with rita for paul's death and the exposure of the corpses of his victims; all that in just the first episode of that season. Simply amazing!!

  34. The "perfect" season was #1 It's untouchable.

    2,4, and 6 are all awesome but each has it's glaring flaw. Season 2 had Lila, Season 4 introduced "Dumb Dexter" and Season 6, well, "Even Dumber Dexter"

    3 and 5 - decent seasons but they yoked Dexter with partners that cut down on "Deb time" so... ultimately they lost me.

    Season 6 I would classify with 3 and 5 BUT!

    It redeemed itself in the end by finally saying "Enough fucking around, we are just going to do it! Yes she LOVES him, and yes, she found out."

    Don't even suggest the two genies are not going to get stuffed back into their respective bottles. Forward please!

  35. i seriously hope the Deb in love with Dex arc does get "stuffed back into the bottle". I hope it is squashed straight away. So stupid. Only get been sibling love.