PHOTOS: Michael C. Hall Photoshoot on M2 Magazine

Check out pics from the latest photoshoot of Michael C. Hall in New Zealand and for the M2 Magazine. Click the link belw to see others...


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  1. Yeah he sure has become a very confident person!! I,dont think stardom has went straight to his head (cough cough)

  2. Anon at 9:00

    As a photographer, I would like to educate you on how this works.

    Photographers ASK for these types of poses - subjects rarely make them up unless they are professional models. From a photographer's perspective "modeling" is not natural for him, his expressions and poses are quite theatrical - common for actors in front of the camera, especially actors who were trained for the stage.


  3. The one on top reminds me of season 3 when he was killing Miguel. "I know I'm a monster." It's the same gesture. The last picture is a regular Dexter hand gesture, too. Dexter just holds his hands up to his lips and he does it when he's in deep thought and is angry. He's good with his hands. Michael C. Hall and Bryan Cranston have that in common in their performances.

  4. This is portraits of MCH as Dexter, that is why he looks the way he does. Its called 'acting'
    As a photographer I am appalled at the lighting in these photo's!

  5. Anon at 12:49

    These aren't traditional portraits though, again, this is theatrical so they are using harsh high spotlight stage lighting for photographs, which is why it looks so specular.

    I know it's not what people are used to anymore. Most photography today is so conventional and boring -- diffused and photoshopped to shit, with plasticized skin. I actually appreciate the changeup!

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