Michael C. Hall: "I’d Like to Recapture a Little Bit of Anonymity Again"

Via craveonline.com: Just two years ago, Michael C. Hall was locked in the fight of his life. Diagnosed with cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma) he was in the midst of full-on treatment, actually accepting his Golden Globe and Screen Actor’s Guild Award for the lead role on Dexter just after the undergoing the rigors of chemotherapy.

It’s safe to say he emerged from that successful battle with a reenforced passion for life, flourishing in his long-running TV hit on Showtime and exploring the world around him in ways he never could’ve imagined.

Most recently, Hall toured New Zealand with a group of close friends after doing some promotional appearances for Dexter. After making it back to the U.S. safe and sound, he connected with Crave Online to discuss his experiences at the bottom of the world and at the top of TV.

CraveOnline: It wasn’t that long ago that you were literally fighting for your life. Now, less than two years later, you can sit down and talk about a trip halfway around the world. What does that personal journey feel like now?
Michael C. Hall: Whether it’s traveling to New Zealand, or shooting Dexter or walking through Central Park on a pleasant afternoon, the experience of facing a life threatening illness and successfully going through treatment has been an invitation to a greater sense of gratitude for me – for any moment I have. And I continue to be blessed with some pretty great moments. Read more after the jump below...

CraveOnline: How did you find yourself in New Zealand for that particular moment?
Michael C. Hall: I flew there from Los Angeles to promote Dexter for three days. doing interviews and such. I had eight days after that to explore the north and south islands of New Zealand. It’s one of the bigger perks of this job – being on a television show that’s scene in other countries – that you get over there really easily, do some press, and then take a tour of some of the best sights on the country with the help of experts. I felt like I was pulling a big con.

CraveOnline: Were there highlights of the trip down there?
Michael C. Hall: Kayaking in Milford Sound was amazing – just absorbing the majesty of that landscape. We also visited Waiheke Island and toured some amazing wineries there. Everywhere I went down there, I was blown away by the unparalleled natural beauty. It was beyond anything I’ve experience.

CraveOnline: What lasting impression did you take away from the tour?
Michael C. Hall: The people there were so accommodating. They welcome me, my friend and my publicist into their homes. They take a real pride in their hospitality down there, I believe.

CraveOnline: Now that you’ve had this trip through New Zealand, are there other destinations on your mind?
Michael C. Hall: I’ve never been to India, Scandinavia or Russian capitals. I’ve never been to South America. There are so many places I haven’t been, and I hope I find a way to put my little thumbtacks on the map.

CraveOnline: It’s widely known that Dexter is coming to an end after two more seasons. When you peer two years down the road, what do you hope to see?
Michael C. Hall: I’d like to find places on the map where Dexter is not on television and go there. I admit I’d like to recapture a little bit of anonymity again. It’s not like (being famous) is debilitating, but it’d be fun to take a break. When you travel, there is a sense of being an outsider – a fly on the wall in an environment. And it was fun at times to experience that once again.

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  1. Oh yes! Come to scandinavia

    1. Yeaah.,.. or come to Ecuador... .. :p :p

  2. Its 'seen' as in viewed or watched. Not 'scene'!
    Go to school at all?

  3. Hi Michael I am A hugh fan of your show here in London Uk and cant wait for season 6 to come here am also pleased that you have a made a recovery from your Illness will you ever come to london ? take care :)

    Regards Sian wakefield

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