Dexter Season 7 - Flash Forward Expectations & Theories

A great article via In the Fall of 2012, Dexter will return for Season 7 and fans will be wondering how Dexter will deal with his latest debacle. Click the link below to read a rundown of what fans can look forward to...

The Dexter Season 7 Premiere
Instead of a time jump between seasons, expect Season 7 to begin right in the Church where the Season 6 finale left off. This will be similar to the shift between the Season 4 Trinity finale and the Season 5 premiere. Fans would be upset with any sort of time jump, especially after such a major cliffhanger. Unlike other shows with longer seasons that go on 2-month hiatuses, fans have to wait a full nine months until Dexter returns for its seventh run.

Dexter and Deb
Don’t: Expect Dexter (Michael C. Hall) and Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) to become a couple. Deb may have said “I love you” and received a platonic “I love you” back from Dexter, but it ends there.
Do: Get ready for a major heart-to-heart. Dexter and Deb to become closer as siblings, perhaps more like the Dexter and Miguel Prado. The two won’t go out killing together, but Dexter may have to ask for permission from now on when taking on a serial killer that is on the top of Deb’s most wanted list.

Also, Deb may have to accompany Dexter when he dumps Travis’ (Colin Hanks) body.

Harry (James Remar)
Get ready for a father-son heart-to-heart. Big time. Do you think that Dexter will tell Deb that he still talks with their father? That could be a serious emotional problem.

The Ice Truck Killer Hand
If by chance Dexter is able to say that the Travis kill was an isolated incident (despite all the plastic), there is still the little matter of the Ice Truck Killer hand that Travis left on Dexter’s fridge (it was mailed by Louis, but Travis picked up the package and brought it inside Dexter’s apartment). If Deb doesn’t join Dexter in dumping the body, she may just go to Dexter’s apartment and find this little trinket from Dexter’s deceased brother.

Mike Anderson (Billy Brown)
We didn’t see too much of Billy Brown this season. After he did his “flamingo” move and gave labeled Doomsday’s killings as tableaus, Mike involvement at Miami Metro seemed to fall to the wayside. He wasn’t butting heads with Deb, nor offering her advice after the two developed a mutual and friendly understanding

Single Serial Killer
Don’t: Expect a Major new serial killer addition to the Dexter roster. Instead of the one-on-one Dexter face-offs next season will most likely focus on how Deb deals with knowing the truth about Dexter’s Dark Passenger.
Do: Expect more from Louis (Josh Cooke). With two more seasons of Dexter on the way – and season 8 being the final season – Louis can potentially rise up to become Dexter’s greatest adversary yet.

Don’t: Think that Louis will jump right into full-fledged killer. He needs time to hone his craft. After Dexter dismissed his video game idea, Louis has decided to put video games and the fantasy side of homicide work on the back burner to focus on reality.
Do: Expect Louis to slowly become a thorn in Dexter’s side. He’s studied all of Dexter’s moves up close and personal. Now it looks like he will be working as a consultant for Miami Metro through Masuka (C.S. Lee). Thanks to Louis’ cyber-detective work, Deb’s team was able to stay on top of the Doomsday killer case and half-a-step behind Dexter. As a consultant, Louis can work to always one-up Dexter before slowly shifting to the darker side of homicide by becoming a serial killer himself.

Daddy Dexter
After Dexter’s actions caused Harrison to be kidnapped and nearly killed by Doomsday, viewers should expect Dexter to try even harder to become a good father and put the serial killing on hold. Now that Deb knows the truth, she can lean on Dexter for help with her cases. After all, Dexter is one of the best Detectives at Miami Metro. He just doesn’t have the shiny badge to prove it.

Blood Slides, Bay Harbor Butcher, Doakes (Erik King) & Secrets

Don’t expect Dexter to be so willing to show Deb the box of blood slides. She may know his secret, but she doesn’t have to know all his secrets. However, Deb is one of Miami’s best detectives. It will only be a matter of time until she learns the truth about Doakes and that can open up an entire new can of worms. LaGuerta (Lauren VĂ©lez) never believed that Doakes was really the Bay Harbor Butcher. If the Butcher case comes back up, LaGuerta and Deb’s temporary peace will be over.

Character Death
Will a major Character Die? If season 8 is the final hurrah, then the creative team has the power to really make the series finale hit home by robbing Dexter of someone close. Angel (David Zayas) nearly died as well as all of Miami Metro just because Dexter was on waffling on whether or not to call in Doomsday’s chemical attack. Luckily, Dexter listened to Harry and made the call.

Now that Dexter will be under the scrutinizing watch of his sister, he may try to satisfy his Dark Passenger off of Deb’s radar. This may lead to a critical mistake.

However, Dexter isn’t the only person at Miami Homicide who can potentially cause a death. We saw how Quinn’s (Desmond Harrington) negligence inadvertently caused Angel to be tied up and nearly killed by Doomsday. It isn’t out of the question that Quinn may make another mistake that leads to a major death.

Could it be Deb? That would really push Dexter’s Dark Passenger over the edge.

What are your theories and predictions for Dexter Season 7?

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  1. I would like season 7 to pick up straight from season 6 and perphaps even see Debra accept him for the time being.
    At the end of Season 8, I would love to see the final scenes to be Debra killing Dexter as the Miami Metro hunt him down and then the very last scene to be Debra and Harrison having the same conversation that Harry and Dexter had about his need to kill when he was a child and then Debra goes on to teach him the code.

    In terms of a Major character dying, the only way to get an amazing finale to Dexter would be if either Dexter or Debra die.

  2. Please,Pretty Please Don't End DEXTER !!! My Hubby and I just LOVE the Show!! What will I do without Dexter?????? Please keep it going !!! :) <3 PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. My guess:
    In Season 7 Debra learn how to deal with his Brothers drak side. But in the season 7 finale Dexter cross a line by killing someone innocent.

    In season 8 Deb gets on a hunt for Dexter, not knowing that she is hunted too ( by Louis, because he is ITK' son and want to kill "the one that got away" from his father )

    Dexter sacrifice himself to protect Debra (and Harrison, who is somehow in danger too).

    In his time of dying Dexter gets "haunted" by the ghosts of every Big Bad he ever killed (ITK, Lila, Miguel, Trinity, Jordan Chase and Travis) The Location is the kill room of each Big Bad, but this time Dexter is the one who is on the table.
    After he gets "killed" by every Big Bad ( ITK should be the last one) he wakes up, realizing that he is still alive.
    Seconds later he realize that he is alive, but he is going to be executed.

    He looks in the viewer-room and see his son (who is almost an adult), Debra, Lumen, Cody& Astor and in his imagination Harry, Brother Sam Rita and his Mother.

    Then the show ends with his LAST WORDS.

  4. They won't be a "couple" because the usual tactic on television is to draw out the "drama" she won't tell him her feelings, leaving it for Dexter to figure it out on his own throughout the course of Season 7.

    Maybe Dexter or someone else sneaks them and divulges what she said to her therapist? That would probably come to a head by the end of season 7, leaving the fans hanging on the edge of their seats.

    Anyway, As far as Dexter killing an innocent, I expect the opposite is going to happen. It's going to be Debra who crosses that line, because her emotions will get the better of her.

    My prediction. Quinn is going to get suspicious of Deb and Dex, he is going to poke his nose into the past, he may be the one who steals Deb's files from her therapist, and he will be the one to find out who Dexter really is.

    Season 7 will end with Debra putting a bullet in Quinn to protect Dexter.

  5. I think that at the end of season 7, Dexter will be revealed as a serial killer in front of everyone, and he will be all season 8 hiding from the police.

  6. All I can say is THANK GOD that professional writers are the ones writing for Dexter.

  7. As many story arcs that they did for season 6, the season 7 prediction sounds great: "Next season will most likely focus on how Deb deals with knowing the truth about Dexter’s Dark Passenger." They need to use this opportunity to focus on only a few story arcs and develop the hell out of those. If they do that, then Debra's discovery will be much more satisfying and it won't feel rushed. That is one storyline I really want them to take their time with.

  8. Just as Dexter has been killing this whole time, so has Deb.... we've just not seen her do it yet. I'm sure there could be some background into her past as she was a neglected daughter and all, and she channeled her anger into killing someone (multiple?). This can be proven because she was so quick to jump on the two lovers theory in Season 5 about Dexter and Lumen, without actually knowing it was them, because this whole time she has been looking for someone to kill with. I bet that the two of them will go on as a serial killing duo, and it's gotta end with Deb killing LaGuerta and Dexter killing Louis.... remember, Dexter is supposed to be about "following the code".... and he never get's caught!

  9. I think Debra finds out she's pregnant by Quinn. Also, the blond lab assistant comes back in some capacity. How could Louis know that the hand was being auctioned? I'm not so sure that Louis will neccesarily be a bad guy. Deb is willing to look over Dexter's dark passenger because she sees that he's killing the bad guys and having worked in law enforcement for a while, and hearing her father tell stories, she understands the frustration of working hard to catch the bad guys just to have an idiot judge, idiot jury, or a technicality putting them back on the streets.

  10. No doubt Jessie!

    Kind of astounded that some Dexter fans are convinced that Quinn has magical man juice that can get Deb pregnant months after they broke up!

    Kinda how some people are convinced that Deb and Dex are still have siblings, even though his DNA matched Driscoll.

  11. Lous will NOT be Bryan's son. I am not talking about some age problem, Bryan and Dexter went through the same expireince and were the same kind of "fucked up" at the start of the show Dexter is completely unintrested in sex so i think Bryan would be too. Remmber after Bryan had left Dex the room filled with blood? Deb tells him Dexter was shacken up and instead of doing the dirty with debra he is just thinking about poor Dexi. So i say it is very unlickley that Bryan would have ever knocked up a girl no matter what age

  12. John all your facts are WRONG if you read the books also like a true fan u would know that Lous is most certainly travises son

  13. @ 1:10
    are you a fucking tard? i HAVE read the books and travis isnt even fucking in them! what the hell are you playing at? get our of here and let true Dexperts talk.

  14. He is in the 6th book he is introduced on like page 5 learn how to read johnathan and my daddy works at miami metro homocide and dexter (Micheal c. hall) told my dad lous is travis and lumans child that they hed between season 5 and 6 everybody knows that...

  15. @ 1:19
    .... I dont even know where to begin...first of all, learn how to spell, and secondly, where the fuck are you getting your information from??! in the 6th book Dexter is seen killing and the "witness" starts to copy his methods (double dexter) louis, travis, and lumen did not exist! Please leave this forum, you are not welcome.

  16. do u have like a mental block john dexter is going to restage wormwood be then louses kid harrison is going to stop him and then the season finally is going to be harrison vz. cody how is travises other kid who was inside the shipping crate with dexter when dexter was a kid

  17. @ 1:29
    That is wrong on so many levels...I really wish you were trolling but even trolls dont think of this kind of shit, im going to walk away from my computer for an hour and read EVERY SINGLE FUCKING BOOK, THEN IM GOING TO WATCH EVERY FUCKING EPISODE OF DEXTER, THEN IM GOING TO GO TO YOUR HOUSE AND KILL YOUR WHOLE FAMARY!

  18. your don't even watch or read dexter or you would know it would take more than 1 hour to do that and WTF is trolling is that some term poor people use 4 being smart and my dad works at miami metro homocide and you would be killing a police man which is ilegal

  19. @ 1:36

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  22. @ 1:45
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  23. Deb and Dex – I think it is foolish to think that Deb won’t be able to put 2 and 2 together and realize that this is something Dexter has been doing for a long time. The fact that Dexter has somehow been involved with most notorious serial killers in the series is reason enough to question his actions. They will find the motel guy’s body in the silo and Deb will have some proof there. Not to mention that he’s tied to Trinity and the ITK in very significant ways. “This is my first and only time, Deb!” explanations won’t be good enough. With that said, I don’t see Deb turning him in due to the fact that she obviously has feelings for the guy. This will create massive tension at work and home and send both Deb and Dex into a tailspin. Mistakes will occur and loose ends abound will come to light and Deb and Dexter will be on crowd control to keep anyone else from finding out who Dexter really is. With that said, onto Louis.

    Louis – With Deb now knowing Dexter’s little secret, Louis will be the one rattling the cage. Just as Deb and Dex are putting out fires relating Dexter to any serial killing action, Louis will be dropping bombs to Dexter. The ITK hand is case and point. Not only does Deb know what he’s capable of, someone else is onto him. Rule #1 – Don’t get caught! …is becoming an increasingly difficult rule to follow. Will Dexter fill Deb in on the recent ITK hand development or will Dexter set out to find the person who sent it all alone? Dexter may continue to blow Louis off and piss Louis off eventually to the point where the mentor rebels and sets out to destroy Obi Wan. How does he do this? He starts dropping hints to all of Miami Metro perhaps by copying killings of famous serial killers. A bathtub bleed out here, a tableau there, a kill room set up identical to Dexter’s M.O.. There are so many ways that Louis could mess with Dexter. What I really want to know is, who the hell is Louis? What is his back story? I don’t buy into any ties to the ITK. It is possible that he is linked somehow to Dexter’s past…but I am not going to speculate beyond that.

    The rest of Miami Metro – Laguerta continues to be portrayed as the scum of the force, but has one last noble venture left in her. She is killed in action, dies in Deb’s arms with some insightful parting message to the tune of, “Don’t be like me, Morgan.”…cheesy, I know. On the flip side, Deb shoots her in the face for target practice. Angel finishes the series as the new Captain with Deb as a direct report once again to restore the natural order. Masuka finally finds a woman who fits his kinky obsessions. Quinn dies…my gut says that Deb kills him to protect her brother-lover. OR Quinn dies protecting Dex and indirectly protecting Deb whom he still loves, but can’t have because she’s in love with someone else (brother lover). Mathews provides an informative link to the past to Deb and Dex. Are we really expected to believe that Harry committed suicide?

    Lumen returns. I’m not terribly fond of this idea, but I think she needs to come back to give Deb some insight into what it feels like to have a “dark passenger” and possibly on how to be rid of a dark passenger. Also, if I’m right about Quinn in anyway, Lumen is a key link (pictures of her and Dex held by Quinn) to Dexter’s involvement in the “barrel girl” killings. Long story short, Deb needs some major insight into her brother’s inner workings. She needs to be shown how he does bad things for a good cause. i.e. there is more light than dark in her brother.

    That’s it for now!

  24. ^

    Dont know what show you have been showing. "there is more light than dark in her brother."

    That's just not true.

  25. Anon at 1:55

    Not sure if I agree with everything, but some nice points, and thank you very much for salvaging the thread!

  26. Way to defend your argument Patrik...

    I agree with Anon 1:55. Dexter is the world's most likeable serial killer that has shown he is very capable of love and lives and fights for it. Harrison, Deb, Lumen,...even Rita. If there were more dark than light in his life, Dexter would be his brother and certainly not give a shit about any of his personal relationships. Just as he would die for his son, he would also kill for him. Does Dexter have a lot of darkness inside? Absolutely, but we all do. I think the majority of people would agree that he is inherently good. Couldn't it be argued that Dexter's life work has been to rid the world of darkness?

    Point being, if Dexter's life was more dark than light, every episode would be like "Nebraska" where he selfishly takes off to feed his dark passenger and doesn't live by any standards other than self gratification. Which is what most sociopaths do. Ultimately, Dexter always cares more about the welfare of his son and Deb and his friends. First season Dexter would have NEVER called 911 to warn about wormwood but he realizes that there is more at stake than him simply getting his "killing fix". If the darkness is running your life, that wouldn't have happened.

    I predict that the series will end with Dexter reaching a catharsis in which he is able to let go of his dark passenger as Lumen was able to. What happens after that? idea.

  27. This is Anon 1:55

    Thank you Anon 3:04. I'm glad you see the point I was trying to make. Great example with the Nebraska episode. Someone that is driven more by darkness would find the "dark passenger" all consuming and not have time, nor care, or be capable of caring about other relationships in their life.

    And thank you Anon 2:41 - I hope you don't agree with all my points...I don't even want to agree with all of them. Just spit ballin. I hope I'm incredibly surprised by the last two seasons at the end of the day. That's what makes the show fun!


  28. This is Anon 1:55's mother.

    Im so sorry about this, he broke out of the basement and got to the computer. Won't happen again.

  29. It's fun to speculate, and I can't wait for the next two seasons to see how this story will end!
    I think the writers or MC Hall said the show couldn't end on a happy note, so most likely Dexter will be caught or killed. Now that Deb is in love with him and the truth about him is no longer a secret, he will eventually come to the realization that the Code is useless now and he can no longer live with his Dark Passenger for the sake of his son. I see it ending with him asking Deb to raise Harrison while he surrenders or dies.


  31. FUCK U GUYS MAN ......

  32. Isn't the point of this forum to discuss next season?

  33. I think that things will come to a crashing halt at the beginning of season 7.
    Remember that in season 1 Debra was all tied up in plastic wrap...she is going to recognize that trademark, and that will cause an issue.
    In season 5 finale, debra let unknown murderers go free, namely dexter and lumen. She didn't know it was them, but was willing to look the other way. Now she knows its him and has to face the truth. Either accept Dexter, or turn him in. She won't turn him in. But I think her own revulsion and sense of good will push her away from Dexter a little bit. I don't think she can mentally handle it, honestly. She has a very fragile psyche, and I think this will push her too far. Now she is in love with yet another serial killer. This one she trusted for years and years. Was close to him and cared for him and saw his wife come and go, and his friends come and go, and his brother come and go, and his girlfriend come and go. His competition, his personal life, it doesnt matter, everything will fall to the side as his dark passenger takes control. Only one thing matters, killing the killers so that they can no longer kill. Dexter takes it very personally when someone kills a good person. He absolutely cannot tolerate the murder of an innocent. He will kill anyone who violates that rule, friend or family. God save, Dexter. I only want one thing from the next two seasons of Dexter. For his secret to be revealed and for him to be honored for his tireless pursuit of justice while snuffing out all the killers and murderers in Miami and beyond. He is doing a public service that no one else has the stomach or talent for. If only there were more people like Dexter out there, the world would be a safer place. Who would murder anyone if they thought they would inevitable end up on a table with a blade in their heart? No one, thats who.

  34. Dexter spends Season 7 refining the Code of Harry by attending classes such as "How to lock doors to Churches before killing someone"

  35. Since everyone else is sharing their thoughts/speculation about Louis Greene, then I think I should, too:

    I've been wondering if Louis Greene could end up being Debra's younger half brother. Harry Morgan could have unknowingly fathered a son to one of his criminal informants. Louis' mother could have confessed about a cop named Harry Morgan being his father. Now Louis is trying to get close to Dexter before revealing himself to Debra or Dexter. The writers of the show have said they haven't exactly decided what they would do with Louis' character in season 7, so he very well could end up being Debra's real blood relation, unlike Dexter.

    Sure, the long-lost-brother story has already been covered brilliantly in season 1 with Brian and Dexter, but we just don't know if it could work again. What would make it exciting is if Louis knows all about the Code and he's aspiring to become a vigilante serial killer himself, to impress Dexter. Louis would think if Dexter is able to accept him, then Debra will, too. Even more interesting, would be if Louis slipped-up in his pursuit of becoming a "righteous killer" and he mistakenly killed an innocent person. The excitment would come from Debra kowing that Louis was her real relation and realizing that Dexter killed him. That would be great and make the story very unpredictable.

    Think about it, if Debra learned that Harry fathered a child (Louis) and had nothing to do with him, then she would immediately feel a kinship with him because of her own relationship issues with Harry, while he was alive. I would want for Debra to start looking into Harry's past again and find Louis' deceased mother. (Louis' mother should be dead to give a reason as to why he now wants to connect with Dexter and Debra. Louis would be looking for a place to fit in and family would give him that, or so he hopes.) Anyway, I would want Debra to stumble across Louis' birth records while investigating her father's female CI files. While Louis would be too busy trying to get Dexter's attention, Debra would learn that Louis is her kid brother. Debra would secretly start keeping tabs on Louis, since he hasn't even tried to connect with her. Debra would think it was strange how Louis ended up at Miami Metro -- which, as we already now, was not an accident.

    I think the only way this story could work, is if Louis continues to be as mysterious in his pursuits as he has already been. With his obsession with ITK, I think it would be very cool if his messages gave Dexter moments of deja vu of Brian's messages from season 1. Louis would be paying homage to ITK with his messages while learning how to become a killer like Dexter. Debra would end up in the same dilemma Dexter found himself in at the end of season 1. Does she choose her biological brother, or Dexter? Does she let both live?

    Obviously, this is nothing but speculation. I just wanted to share with other fans what I think would make for another great season of our favorite show.

  36. Anon at 3:52

    Nobody is going to honor Dexter for being a psychopathic killer, they are going to lock him in jail and put him down like a mad dog.

    As far as your philosophy of fixing society the Dexter way? Killing criminals is like swatting mosquitoes - it makes you feel good, but it is essentially "useless". The only way you can really cut down on skeeters is to go take care of the stagnant water where they breed.


    Deb is not weak, she is STRONG. She is way stronger than Dexter in many ways. It's something that he will begin to discover over the next season or two.

  37. I am totally against Louis having any relation to Deb or Dexter. I feel like the “family ties” card has been played and upset many times already. I honestly feel like Louis has gradually started putting pieces together since he started working at Miami Metro. I don’t’ think he actually had any idea that Dexter was a serial killer until he started tracking Dexter’s keystrokes using the search engine Louis provided/created. From there, Louis could have hacked Dexter’s computer all together that may have a boat load of information on it from past years. Over the time that he’s been an intern, he’s been researching Dexter obsessively and discovered that he is who he is.

    Now Louis is aspiring to be just like him, with hopes of maybe becoming a Batman/Robin duo…I don’t know. The point is, Louis will be a thorn in Dexter’s side next season, along with the fact that Deb knows what he did and will likely be two and two together and soon realize who Dexter really is.

  38. Most of this list is rubbish.

    DO expect a major killer

    DO expect it to be louis

    DON'T expect it to happen until mid season

  39. I think Debra has either suspected or known all along that Dexter is a serial killer, (but has either repressed it or is in a chronic state of denial.) Remember when she was in her psychiatrist's office, she said she used to fall asleep on Dexter's bedroom floor and he didn't even know it. I think she heard or saw some things back then and those memories will finally make sense to her. Debra idolizes her Dad so completely, when she realizes that Harry taught Dexter "the code" and how to kill and not get caught, she will accept who Dexter is and help to protect him. (she has already shown she will turn a blind eye to some crimes (ie: not reporting Sgt. Mathews, not pursuing Dexter and Lumen, etc).

  40. It still blows me away the notion that people think that Deb is going to turn him in, or that she is going to suddenly "going to stop loving him" because she is turned off by violence?

    First of all, 2 seasons left... not turning him in, that's just logic.

    Second of all, the "love" has been going on for freaking ever. It's one of the main touchstones of the series. Debra's deep love for Dexter is about as "easily dispensed" as Dexter's darkness.

    They are like Yin and Yang.

    Dexter feels too little, Deb feels too much, Dexter is neat, Deb is sloppy. Dex has hate, Deb has love - on and on.

    They have been circling each other like free particles for the last 6 seasons and now they are going to collide and it's going to be a great big BANG. It's going to change both of them, but that change will occur over time.

    Dexter is not going to fall immediately "in love" with Debra anymore than Debra is going to fall immediately "out of love" with Dexter. This is a process of her figuring out he is not infallible and him figuring out that he needs her.

  41. I think I found out what Louis was doing with the ITK fake hand that he mailed to dexter. When it shows Louis drawing on the palm(in episode 11), the vertical line he is drawing is the "line of fate" *see image url below* Im not really sure what that means, but I just wanted to throw that out there.

  42. Also, when he is drawing the line, it shows him drawing the "line of fate" merging into the "line of life".. This could mean Louis has some big plans for Dexter in the upcoming seasons. (Palm reading graphic url is below) Please rewatch EPISODE 11 at 31:45 they start to show Louis drawing on the hand. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

  43. Hmm, this Deb having romantic feelings for Dex kinda lends weight to my theory that Trinity didn't kill Rita, Deb did. Think about it.

    s04e12, Deb learns about Dex being found in a pool of his mother's blood. Trinity didn't know that about Dex, so how did he recreate that scene?

    s05e01, Deb goes to Dex's house to clean up the toilet where Rita got murdered. She is very visibly distraught, supposedly over the fact that she's never had to take care of Dex. She then fucks Quinn. Now I'm thinking it was because the realization of why she did what she did came crashing down on her, because she romantically desired Dexter, so to sub-consciously try and deny that, she fucks Quinn.

    Trinity never murdered a mother of 3 before. If he was veering from his ritual, why not kill Harrison too while he was at it?

    And now this. I always thought this was a crazy theory, because it's totally out of character of the Deb that we know, but then again so is this latent romantic affection she has for Dex. This actually gives her a reason to wanna kill Rita; to keep Dex single and available for herself. This could really open new doors in the character of Debra that none of us new existed. It would be an interesting way for the next two seasons to play out in my opinion.

  44. @ Anon 12:47,above.
    I Didnt read the majority of your comment, coz as soon as i read "Trinity didn't kill Rita" i stopped.
    Trinit DID kill Rita. There is no doubt about. Besides the fact that the exec producers at both comic-con 2010 and 2011 openly said they were surprised at Trinity consipiracy theories, as they tried to make it as obvious as possible, without actually showing Trinity doing the deed(as obviously would have spoiled the whole thing), there were numrous occasions that Trinity could have done it, most likely after he stormed through his house looking for stuff to sell, and after Dexter was bailed out of jail and said goodbye to Rita. As well as him saying "it's already over" referring to the fact Dexter lost in his battle with Trinity.
    Plus they brought up the Trinity case, and Jonah this season, why not throw some confusion into the mix if Trinity didnt do it??? Cos hE DID!!! Two years on from the fact, the writers are NOT going to change their mind and decide someone else did it. Trinity and Rita story line is OVER! Trinity killed Rita, no doubt. I could go on and on, but that's the bottom line dude.
    And i read one line of your "theory" that possibly aluded to Deb being involved? That sir, would have to be the worst theory i have ever heard. I heard predictions that Doakes would come back as a cyborg, and THAT even seems more likely than your "theory" on Deb. Ouch man. I would try and delete that bit if i were you.

  45. I think the first ep in S7 should involve Deb taking Dex down for the murder she just witnessed, and putting him behind bars. The final two seasons could just then be Dex in jail with an endless supply or murders, pedos, rapists etc to mow through. We could get like 4-5 kills each episode if that played out... he could even dispose of the bodies Shawshank style (in his cell wall behind a poster that he dug out with a rock hammer)

    It then ends with him getting a needle... or escaping; whatever tickles their fancy.

  46. I am very curious to find out if Debra is going to follow Dexter down his dark passenger's rabbit hole. I've been re-watching the entire series and I have noticed that there are several different things that Deb has said over time that might lead one to believe she has her own secret, vengeful, rebellious side. A couple of relevant moments pertaining to this are... When she lets Dexter and Lumen go when she finds them at Jordan Chase's camp... And... When she talks about not feeling guilty for killing one of the brothers from the Santa Muerte case. She at one point even says that maybe some people do deserve to die.

  47. Also... Trinity did kill Rita. Michael C. Hall has confirmed this in interviews- and addressed the question directly for a fan at Comic Con. (The video can be found on YouTube somewhere.) Trinity did break from pattern by killing Rita, but technically his pattern was broken before he killed her because he didn't accomplish killing the boy he had abducted before he killed Rita. His whole game was off- and he snapped and killed Rita to punish Dexter for saving the boy. That's my opinion anyway. Cheers!

  48. The things fans don't understand blows my mind

    #1 I don't get that people STILL don't understand that Trinity killed Rita because Dexter broke his cycle. How many times does it have to be explained, it wasn't Dexter, it wasn't Deb. They were both AT the Mitchell house when Trinity was killing Rita.

    #2 Debra has always been in love with Dexter, it has been patently obvious since season 1, and "canon" since season 2. It was not a surprise, it should not have caught anyone off guard. Neither should it be a surprise when Dexter figures out he has the SAME feelings for Deb. Debra Morgan is the love of his life. NOT Rita, NOT Lumen, end of story.

    #3 Dexter is NOT Harry's son via Laura Moser, his father was Driscoll the bowling dude. This was confirmed via flashback, complete with CCR music, Dexter's affinity for bowling, and a DNA test.

    All I ask is that people pay attention to the story and actually watch the DVD's don't fastforward to each kill scene! Please!

  49. S01E10:
    "My sister's right, I don't share my problems with her. Or with anybody. Harry taught me that. Secrecy, self-reliance … and a well-stocked cupboard of Hefty bags."

    - What would Harry do? What kind of advice is he gonna give? ´Cause I´m pretty sure there has to be a conversation between them about Deb knowing the truth. Maybe he´ll figure something out.

  50. S02E04: (about Bay Harbour Butcher):
    Angel: Why did the killer cut 'em up like this?
    Masuka: Easy disposal.
    Debra: Or for fun. You don't kill this many people because
    it's a chore. You do it because you like it.

    - That´s what Deb thought before, and there´s no reason why she should suddenly change her mind, just because it´s Dex, even though she´s in love with him. Some of you guys said before, that she´s strong and I agree, but not strong enough to learn the truth without momentary breakdown. She cannot hold her emotions, she never could and seriously - her mouth is too fucking big to be shut. Even if she tried to accept, she´d need to talk to someone about it and that is a way too dangerous. The only person in the whole world who knows about her affection for Dex is her therapist and she´ll wanna know how the things went on with Dexter.

    - So my picture of the first few episodes of the Season 7 is:

    Debra cannot bear the truth, she doesn´ t want to listen, she is scared and horrified, maybe doesn´t know what to do, her whole world falls apart because Dexter is the only person whom she really trusted and now she can see how terribly wrong she was. When she sees all the plastic she remembers the scene when she opened her eyes and found herself wrapped in plastic, tied to a table in Laura Moser´s house - Dexter and Rudy holding the knife, Dex´ look into her eyes and their fight. Of course she gets it wrong and thinks they wanted to kill her together (in fact, she wouldn´t be that wrong, Rudy really wanted to do that and I really think there was a moment when this really crossed Dexter´s mind. Remember - he started fighting only when Deb opened her eyes). And when he found Rita in the bath and called the police - she can remember his words (´It was me´)

    So - I think the only way how to prevent Deb from running away and telling anybody or doing any other stupid thing is to kidnap her. Dex has to hide her somewhere until she´ll be able to accept his explanation, whatever part of the truth he reveals to her. It´s like when he kidnapped Doakes and they had their conversations, even though Dexter did not explain to him, but this time he´ll really have to. You know, we all know Deb loves Dexter and if the patience was her strong point, she´d take a deep breathe and she´d listen, but she is really impulsive, so I´m sure it´s not gonna be that easy. And of course, if he really kidnaps her, the whole police department will search for their Lieutenant. Of course, Dexter can tell them she is sick or whatever, but Quinn or someone will have to become suspicious or maybe just want to see her... That´ll be a chance for Deb to pick up her side. Dexter will realize he cannot hide her forever so he lets her go and Deb.. Deb does surely the best she can, whether it works for or agains Dexter.

  51. One more thing:
    "I keep expecting to come to my senses but the pressure is lifting with each step I take. I've spent a life time keeping up my guard, watching my back, wearing my mask. Relief was never in sight. It is now. If anyone deserves to take me into custody it's Deb. But how do I tell her what I am?"

    - In Season 2 he was kind of ready to reveal to Deb, he was sure he´d get caught anyway, because killing Doakes (who knew the truth and wouldn´t keep the secret) didn´t fit the Code and he couldn´t keep him in that cage forever (even though it would be a fitting pet for the serial killer who isn´t that sympatico to animals :P).
    But since than a lot happened and after Travis kidnapped Harrison he´ll do anything to stay with his son and protect him, so I really think if Deb´s going to make trouble, some people gonna miss her for a while (of course he would not hurt her, he´ll just give her some time in private to think about everything..

    And finally:
    S03E08: (That´s not a lead, but it´s funny :))
    Quinn: Your brother's kind of a dweeb, huh?
    Debra: You say anything more about my brother and I will kick
    your fucking nuts down your throat.
    Quinn: [laughs] That doesn't even make any sense.

    - This is how all the Dexter´s enemies are gonna end: with their nuts (or any other small swallowable organs) kicked down their throats. And Deb will become a Serial Kicker :D :D :D

  52. I think season seven,(7), should start off as being a dream Dexter is having of Debra walking in on him killing D.D.K.,(Dooms day killer). Because one of Dexter's fears is Debra finding out about what he really does...

  53. Bravo, Future Scriptwriter. That was an interesting take and I can tell you had fun writing it. You made a funny post and made some very good points. I like the idea of Dexter having to take Debra hostage for awhile. For one thing, you're right about Dexter never really explaining himself to Doakes. They didn't talk about Dexter's connection to the ITK case, but I guess Doakes would have just assumed Dexter just wanted to kill Brian himself. Anyway, having Debra put away somewhere to really think things through would give us the opportunity to see Dexter and Debra have lengthy conversations about Dexter's extracurricular activities. That's all I really want in the season 7 primiere, just Debra and Dexter and Harry.

  54. I hope the writers come up with something good for season 7 cause season 6 wasn't so hot! the best part of season 6 was the last minute of the end of the season! I definitely want to see more people on dexter's table in season 7. Anyways I'll be waiting patiently for the new season,until then good luck for the writers.

  55. I would like to see the writers revisit the BHB story in the last 2 seasons. I have seen lots of theories and predictions but how great would it be if Lundy really was NOT dead, he always KNEW that Dexter wasn't right and probably suspected that he was the BHB but couldn't prove it, he never bought into it being Doakes. He had to make Dexter and sadly Deb believe that he was dead in order to work behind the scenes. Trinity's daughter did shoot Deb and thought she had shot Lundy but didn't, Lundy going underground had already been planned and his fake death had already been planned for that same evening that Deb was shot. LaGuerta would be happy to be brought into this investigation to prove Doakes innocent and even Masuka who idolized Lundy would be in on it. Just saying!

  56. @AnonymousJan 20, 2012 09:54 AM:
    Lundy IS dead. And raising him from the dead would be really stupid. He wanted to reveal who the Trinity Killer was, so he wouldn´t pretend his death before catching him.

    @Nicholas M. DenoyerJan 14, 2012 01:32 AM:
    Thanks. You know, I really think it would be just FAIR that way.. fair to Deb who deserves to know why did Harry spend so much time with Dexter instead of his own daughter.. I don´t know what exactly is Dex going to tell her, either the whole truth or just some pieces, but I believe he´s not going to lie anymore.

    Still I´m not sure how she will take it. She always believed her father was a good cop (well, yeah, he was, but.. let us face the truth: he trained a KILLER!) and you remember how disappointed she was when she found out that Harry lied to them about Dexter´s real father being dead - she immediatelly tried to excuse him (something like "he had to have a reason"). Maybe she´ll try to find an excuse like that again, but maybe not..

    Hell, you know what? From now on I´m not saying what I think will happen. I´m saying what would happen if I had a say in it.

    So, as I said before:
    Dexter has to kidnap Debra who is not able to think clearly in a moment.

    He takes her to some place safe, but is really messed up because he can see she´s really afraid of him and she thinks he wants to hurt her. That´s probably the worst moment of his life - he was always afraid of that: someone he loves already knows and sees the monster inside him. Yes, there were people who knew, but it was always different:

    - HARRY was THE ONE who thought him how to kill, he gave him the Code and even though he commited a sucidide because of the monster he saw in Dexter, it was his own fault - HE created that monster.
    - LILA was screwed up herself, she was supportive only because she was kind of mentally ill or whatever.
    - MIGUEL PRADO seemed to be a friend but he only used Dexter to excuse his own monster - suddenly he did not have to hide his own urge to kill and everything felt just right. And it wasn´t like: we were friends and now you found out, they become „friends“ BECAUSE Miguel found out.
    - If Jorden Chase and the rest of the rapist fuckers did not hurt LUMEN she would NEVER accept Dexter. But she really needed a reveange and without Dex there would be not a ghost of a chance that she could do that. They would definately kill her. Her judgement about him was influenced only by the circumstances (he saved her life, he helped her to get „the justice“..).
    - BRIAN/RUDY doesn´t count, he was a killer himself and he was much more evil than Dexter..

    That´s why it cannot work that way with Debra. She has the right sense for justice, she is a really good cop and a deeply moral person. And according to what she said and how she acted before I DOUBT she will accept his KILLING. That of course doesn´t mean she won´t accept DEXTER.

    In the end of season 4 Dexter said to the Trinity Killer that he wanted to CHANGE. I think he really meant it and even though it would be difficult just like when you try to end your addiction, I believe he could do that. For Rita and for kids. Yes, he would kill some more people, he couldn´t stop immediately, but he would TRY and I believe he could make it one day.

    So when he wanted to change because of Rita and kids why not because of Debra and Harrison?

  57. This is how I imagine the first episode.

    We´re back at the situation Dexter has to face: Debra Morgan, his beloved sister suddenly knows and she´s terrified...

    At first he has absolutely no idea what to do. Both of them. They just stand there and stare at each other. After a while he finally drops the knife and slowly comes closer. She´s like paralyzed.

    Only now he can see the expression of her face. He looks her in the eyes and sees all her disguist and fear.. All the words get stuck in his throat. He reaches out with his hand.. When he almost touches her, she backs of and starts to run away.

    He can not let her go. Maybe she´ll hate him for the rest of her life but maybe, and he hopes so, she´ll understand, she just needs some time. Or maybe it´s him who needs the time. . Whatever.

    He tries to catch her but she is really fast. Her eyes are full of tears so she cannot see the road. When he calls her name, she suddenly stumbles and falls. Right when she steps up he´s there and he grabs her. It´s more like a hug but she is too terrified to think of anything else but to escape. So they fight for a while. She is much stronger than he expected.

    He gets the idea. The only way how to calm her down is.. to inject her. He has to. He doesn´t have time to explain until he gets rid of Trevis´ body. And she is smart. If she was conscious, she could easily run away. This makes the whole thing even much harder because now she is certain he will hurt her, he can see it in her eyes right before she falls unconscious in his arms.

  58. Now let us skip the part when he gets rid of Trevis and cleans after himself. (Even though I think this could be important too – he is too nervous to make it right.. I think he´ll probably leave some evidence in there which will be important later.)

    So.. they´re at the place. It´s small and dark.. and silent in there. The place (something like a cabin or an old and no longer used storage) is far away from the other people, so noone could hear her if she called for help.

    Dexter sits there with his face in his hands and waits until she wakes up. Of course, he could wake her up himself, but he is afraid and he also needs to think of what he´s gonna say. The problem is that he cannot find the words that wouldn´t hurt her. The only thing he is certain about is that there´s no point in lying anymore.

    She finally wakes up. She realizes she´s tied up. Her eyes go wild. She wants to scream but she can´t. She remains silent, only her eyes speaking..

    He looks at her for a while and then he finally starts: with a soft and calm voice he tells her everything he knows about his childhood, how he saw his mother being killed, how he and Brian ended up in a pool of her blood, how Harry picked him up and took him home.. how he (Harry) after some time realized that a death of Dexter´s mother influenced Dexter forever, he saw all the agresivity and anger in the boy.. and so he decided to help him, he taught him the Code, he taught him how to cover his tracks so nobody ever catches him.

    When he sees she is still terrified Dexter tries to make it clear that he NEVER kills innocent people and if that ever happened it wasn´t on purpose, it was just a self-defence. And the most important thing: Dexter tell Debra it was him who killed Brian in order to protect her, because she is his sister and he loves her. And he also tells her he didn´t kill Doakes to protect himself, Lila did.

    Finally he tells Deb he doesn´t want to hurt her, he´s gonna let her go soon, he just needed her to listen. She can arrest him if she wants to, she only has to promise that she will take a good care of little Harrison.

    He looks her deeply in the eyes and waits for a response. But she doesn´t say a thing. He can only see the tears rolling down her face and he thinks to himself: „If only I could read her thoughts..“

    He sits there and watches her for a while. Then he slowly stands up and comes close to her. She shivers when he pulls out his knife. He cuts the rope, drops the knife and walks away. Deb watches him leaving. He stops at the door as thought he suddenly remembered something. In fact, he did. He puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out his car keys. He drops them on a table that is close to the exit. Then he leaves.

    It´s raining outside...

  59. I think this could be the first episode. And it should be also full of memories. While he would get rid of Trevis he could talk to Harry and he could show us some more memories from his and Debra´s childhood.

    And while waiting for her to wake up he could think of her reaction on Rudy being an ITK and Doakes being a BHB.

    Meanwhile there could be Quinn trying to call Deb, who of course doesn´t call back and Harrison´s nanny worried where Dexter and Deb are because she had some plans for the night but cannot leave Harrison alone.

    I think Debra´s final decision will be that she´ll try to persuade Dexter he has to stop killing because of Harrison and the whole season should be about him trying but failing again and again. And also about.. Louis.

    I think Louis isn´t related to any of Dexter´s previous victims. He is just one of those guys obsessed with the ITK. He had access to Miami Metro Police computer system and he probably found some files in Dexter´s computer that revealed the truth: Dexter and Rudy Cooper were bloodbrothers. So now he is obsessed with Dexter (which is even kind of obvious) and stalks him. He knows or he soon finds out that Dexter is a serial killer too. But I don´t know what his intention could be. Maybe he wants to be a serial killer too and wants to learn from the best ones.

    I apologize for my English. I´m from Slovakia, so English isn´t my mother tongue. I´m sure there are a lot of mistakes in my texts, still I hope you can understand the meaning. Thanks to anyone who reads my lines :).

  60. Oh, and when I say Trevis I mean Travis.. :P

  61. I HOPE LUMEN COMES BACK!!!!!! They were so adorable together!!!!!!

  62. I hope no such thing as Lumen coming back ever happens. Those kinds of things appear in fairytales where everyone lives happily ever after which would be quite pathetic if they tried to apply that on Dexter. He isn´t a prince living in frog body waiting for a kiss. He is a man who witnessed horrible things during his childhood and that changed him forever. He doesn´t need anyone to agree with what he does, he needs someone to ask him and actually help him to stop. That could be Deborah, either as his sister or as his lover, but not Lumen.

    1. i think we have to follow the psychology of dexter here...Dexter is very introspective.. dark and light, like all of us... sometimes the light side wins, sometimes the dark side wins.. but dexter is possessed by his dark side and has no control because he does not understand that he can have control, that he can let his dark side go because Harry taught him, conditioned him to believe there is no hope for him...i want to see Dexter find out that Harry's code was just harry's beliefs, with no basis in truth... dex sees this from time to time but can't seem to hold on to it..
      as to the story line, it would be beat if dexter gets caught... i want to see dexter understand his dark side, and let it go... this is what dex wants...let's see him finally get something he really wants, let's see something finally work out for Dexter...he's a man seeking redemption... he desperately wants to change... this is how i would like to see the show end, with Dexter finally finding himself and starting a new life with Harrison, dumping hid slides and letting go of the past..
      i also think God loves Dexter because Dexter tries so hard to understand himself... and this is what it's all about.

    2. Future Scriptwriter (next time just FS)February 3, 2012 at 9:39 PM

      I absolutely agree.. there´s just one little catch in here.. I wouldn´t wish for him to get caught.. if he got caught, he´d get death sentence, life punishment or he would and up at psychiatric clinic.. first two would mean an end of his "light side" - either he dies or is forced to live with murderers (no way this one could help him change).. and the last one.. well, I don´t believe that could help him either..

      I really think it should be Deb who´ll help him. That´s why she had to find out. And she loves him. She´s the only one who really cares about him. And she´s the only one to whom he could trust.

      P.S.: AnonymousJan 31, 2012 07:18 PM was me.. I forgot to give my "name"..

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