Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter: Officially Divorced

Via E!Online.com: It's been almost a year since we heard that Jennifer Carpenter was calling her marriage with Michael C. Hall kaput, and now the dunzo duo are legally single.

According to papers obtained by E! News, the Dexter costars' divorce dissolution was officially granted on Dec. 2. The couple married Dec. 31, 2008, and officially separated in August 2010..

Four months later, Carpenter filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences. And no, we already established that Julia Stiles had nothing to do with the split. Well, at least, that's what she told us.

The couple have since reached a confidential stipulated agreement regarding spousal support, division of community property, attorney fees as well as other matters relating to their divorce. And since they don't have any children, it looks like the bloodshed will be saved for the small screen.

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  1. R.I.P. Deb

    I don't see how they can work 2 more seasons together...

  2. Julia Stiles and MCH Lover like this. Be the first of your friends.

  3. Its called being professional !

  4. they both have said they are still great friends and there divorce have had no impact on them filming together

  5. It's ironic they divorced in real life and at the moment the writers are flirting with the idea of Dexter and Deb being more than just "siblings".

  6. Oh please, everyone is assuming they are going to kiss. She looks more like she's ready to break down crying than anything else, for all we know she's upset because of whoever dies in the room with the hand on the window (which is bloody mind you).

  7. Anon at 1:46

    You have it wrong. She is emotional. She realizes she is in love with her brother and it's totally messing her up.

    Dexter of course remains clueless. We are seeing the moment from Deb's point of view and her recent "awakening". They are doing this to justify why she won't turn him in when she finds out. Not only is he her brother, but she is in love with him.

    Eventually this will destroy her, possibly the both of them.

    It's an awesome plot twist, they are both headed for tragedy of course, but maybe they get an oasis next season, just a small window of peace and happiness for the both of them.

    We'll see.

  8. This is Anon at 1:46

    I am not opposed to her realizing she's in love with him, it just seems a little risky for the show creators. Everyone else I've spoken to feels that it's enough to make them stop watching the show, for me personally I'd be more into it from that point! I just don't know if that's the route they're going to take but if they do it, I can't wait to see how it unfolds.

    Another possibility for the way she's emotional in the preview is that she finally found out the truth about Dexter and is struggling to find out how to react. Because of how close she feels to him, how important he has been in her life...everything this season would have foreshadowed the fact that because he's the only constant in her life, that she should be ready to accept it.

    As you said, we'll see.

  9. Anon at 2:32

    "Everyone I've spoken to feels like it's enough to make them stop watching the show."

    Not true. Some people hate it, other people like it. Looks like a 50/50 thing outwardly. But in general, people always threaten to stop watching stuff when they actually won't.

    Also many people like to protest over things that they are actually fascinated by in order to "put up an appearance". Aren't I so moral! "that's just disgusting!" when in fact, they have entertained much more devious fantasies than they would ever admit.

    Human beings are habitual liars. We are two faced, deceitful, over-reactive, immature, chatterboxes filled with hyperbole and hollow threats. ESPECIALLY when we are on the internet.

    Good storytelling takes risks. You have to follow through on the threads you have been planting throughout the course of the series.

    So typical of the U.S. audience. We still have that outward puritanical vibe about sex, yet we consume more pornography than any country in the world. It's the ultimate bullshit irony.

    I bet you good money that most of the people whining the most about this, are the type who sneak off on the internet to watch coerced teen girls getting planked by 10 guys. That's just the kind of duplicitous crap we are dealing with. But if actual love or feelings are involved, then my gosh, the relationship better be "conventional".

    If this was on the BBC, or in Japan, or Korea, Dexter and Deb so would have done the act a long time ago. We have a huge problem with honesty in our society.

  10. I could not agree more about the dishonesty and inconsistancy of the American public. Being homosexual and transsexual is all right, it is even in fashion nowadays. Gay marriage is about to be legalized in some states and gay pride marches are held for their rights. Back to Dexter murdering, slicing up people is all acceptable, but a relationship between two foster siblings is a moral outrage especially when real feelings are involved. They are siblings because Harry signed a piece of paper the adaptation form. They can terminate it whenever they like. I hope the series will continue build their relationship even further. By the way I am not American but lived there for 2 years.

  11. Yea, notice they weren't offended by the skanky blow job at the high school reunion.

    But OMG, real adult feelings! Oh no!

  12. If they divorced thay are NOT single,they are Divorced! once you get married,you are never single again! duh!~ Sad that they cannot stay together,they are a beautiful couple.Love them both.

  13. Yea it is a bummer for both of them. I can't imagine having to live in that fishbowl. But as a guy who has suffered though a serious illness and had my marriage go on the rocks as a result, I have pretty good sympathy.

    My wife and I were able to patch things up, took years, but we put it back together. I don't know what I would have done if I would have lost her.

    I feel real empathy for MCH, first of all, being sick like that just sucks ass. Second of all, losing the woman you love? Especially someone as awesome as Jen Carpenter? Oh man, how do you get through that? I'd be beating my head into the table for the rest of my life. She is about 100 billion hits of pure starlight. That personality, those eyes. Awesome. Supermodels and Playboy beach bunny bimbos are a dime a dozen, but you only get one chance at somebody like Jen about once in a hundred lifetimes. :(

  14. This is 1:46 and 2:32...again...I like your view on that, real actual feelings. Like I said I don't care what the scenario is, I know personally I wouldn't do it but I don't judge other people. The heart wants what the heart wants..and if Debra's in love, Dexter's probably the best choice. Of course I'm not sure how he'd react, he cares for Debra like nobody else except his son.

    Also Anon at 8:32, beautiful words there. I lost my own marriage awhile back, she's happy now...truly happy and I'm glad for that. I wish I could have done things differently but it was meant to be. We still talk, we're friendly...maybe not as much as we used to but at least we aren't fighting.

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