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Question: I know some people are not crazy about Dexter this year. However, honestly, I absolutely love it. I thought last year was horrible — Deb decided to let the killer(s) go? Come on! — and this year is more exciting to me, just because of how "character"-driven it is with every character on the show. Obviously from Dexter with his faith and the "light" and the "darkness" factor, to Deb with her relationship problems with her therapist, to Quinn with his downslide after Deb broke up with him. Plus side storylines with the closed case that Deb reopened, to the Ice Truck Killer hand that the geek stole and now in his house! A lot going on this year and I am enjoying it more than I did last year! With that being said, I did not see that twist coming with Gellar! Some people say they did, others say they did not. Either way it made last week's episode even better! Any chance you know any spoilers regarding the finale and when does it air? Because last year's finale was terrible. — Michael

Matt Roush: The Professor Gellar reveal really was one of the biggest red herrings anyone has tried to pull off in a long time. I'm on board with it, especially because Colin Hanks is having such a field day now, so I do agree this season is better than last year's — though they're all going to pale compared to the fourth season with John Lithgow's "Trinity Killer," and I really enjoyed the episode this season where Dexter went to Nebraska (with the shade of his brother in tow) to clean up some loose ends with that story. The subplots involving Dexter's co-workers aren't jazzing me any more than they ordinarily do, but now that we know (after Sunday's episode) that Doomsday's endgame is targeting the Miami Police Department, I'm hoping for some meaningful mayhem on that front. Beyond that, I have no spoilers — that's not what I do in this column — but I can tell you the season finale is in two weeks, Sunday, Dec. 18. And the buzz is that there will be some game-changers as the show heads into what will likely be its final two seasons.

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  1. "And the buzz is that the-"...that the what?

  2. You all have no idea what you are in for the next two weeks. All I can say is Liddy? yeah, that's no longer gonna be swept under the rug......

  3. @11:39AM

    The moment they actually use a plot element from season 5 (the only good one out of that train wreck, at that) to further future plots is when pigs can fly.

  4. I think Louis is going to learn that Dex is a serial killer in the finale.

  5. @11:39AM

    Where did you get that info from? 'Cause I really don't see how ANY plots from Season 5 can be further explored in Season 6, considering there has been a year-gap between Seasons 5 & 6.

  6. @7:03AM and 1:15PM in reaction to 11:39AM
    On IMDB, a poster seems to have watched ep11
    and posted the full synopsis of it.

    ------- IF YOU DON'T WANNA BE SPOILED ------------
    -------- THEN DOESN'T READ BELOW -----------------

    Quinn would sacrifice himself to protect the MMPD from the Wormwood attack. Locked in a questionning room with the poison, he ask Dexter during his agony, to takes care of Deb even if it makes him killing people as he did for Liddy. Deb then whatch the security camera of the room to hear the last words of her former boyfriend ... and she learns what she learns.

  7. @Rob V
    I read the same thing in another post as anonymous 8:59 had wrote. At least this guy put a spoiler alert on it. I like a little bit of a spoiler, just to keep my Dex addiction satisfied through the week but I don't like to read the surprise of the season (or the entire series for that matter)that way. I think the guy that posted it was some kind of insider or something. I don't understand how in the hell they found that out otherwise.

  8. Matt, I agree. The intensity of "Nebraska" makes my hair stand up just thinking about it. I know you cant have it in every episode, but sometimes I think there are to many subplots. There was an post last week about the beginning of the end of Dexter. Writers already writing things that will lead to a course of events through season 8, the final (or at least thats what they are saying). Has anyone noticed the last few episodes Dexter has been somewhat haphazard - killing innocent people (Nebraska and Richochet Rabbit), being seen on video (at the store, at the boat harbor. These are things that eventually somebody will probably put together. Urghhh. hate to think of the end. RC

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